Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Event review: Tour de Nerdfighting(Boston)

I would of posted this yesterday, but I didn't get home until about 2. The actually event with John and Hank was fun and funny and just all around awesome, as it always is with a group of nerdfighters at something like that. And the only complaint I have is about how the signing line was done. (Normally, it's by row so people who get their earlier get to go earlier and leave and go home. Not at this event. The numbers were handed out randomly which I guess is kind of a good way, but the reason we go there so early is because the 3 people I was bringing home all had to get up and go to school.)

That's not what this is about, though. I'm going to try and get the videos I took up tomorrow. When they're up there will be a like HERE to the videos. (They'll be on the StoryNotion's YT). At the beginning everyone was so high energy and people were trying, and kind of succeeding, to do the wave with the books, which did look pretty cool. And then the event actually started. I'm not going to tell you what they did, because (1) you will see it in the videos I post and (2) if you're going I don't want to spoil it for you and (3) I wouldn't do it justice trying to explain all that happened and how amazing/awesome/funny it was.

However, meeting John and talking to him, and Hank and Katherine, is always an amazing experience. By the time we actually got to them, however, I was ready to curl up in a ball and fall asleep right there. I was tired and bored, really. I couldn't focus enough to read and we waited about 2 hours, i think, to get our stuff signed. It was crazy, but it was overall worth it and, really, I wouldn't change it. Although, the part where I slipped on someone's scarf and bruised my leg on the chairs, I might change. It hurts to even touch. (Lesson: beware chairs. And scarfs.)

I haven't had time to read The Fault in Our Stars yet. (I know, I know.) Anyway, I'm sorry about how bad we both are at posting on time lately, especially me on Saturday, I just completely forgot. And I meant to post this yesterday, because I thought we'd get back at like 10 at the latest, but obviously that didn't happen.

Now, even thought I had a complaint, it was really only one, and if you can go to one of the stops near you, I couldn't reccomend to just go enough. It's amazing and fun and just... it won't be something you forget. Probably ever. And now, have some photos(I only took like 3 at the event, I mostly took video):

Hank singing.

A closer picture of Hank singing.

My book signed, Hanklerfished*, and signed by The Katherine. :D (I also got my little program signed and the poster.)

*If this isn't already a word, it is now. :) (Cause he didn't sign it, really!)

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