Saturday, September 1, 2012

August Wrap-Up/September TBR

It was very empty month this month, on the reading and blogging front, at least. I was at LeakyCon and  then I had LeakyFlu and needed to sleep for like 2 weeks to fully recover. Anyway, I apologize, I meant to schedule posts so this didn't happen and it just didn't really work out well. Anyway, I only read 5 books this month. One was a picture book, but it was by Neil Gaiman and amazing, so here's the list.

The Wolves in the Walls by Neil Gaiman (author) (5/5)
I really enjoyed this. A lot. It was kind of awesome, you should probably check it out, it's creepy but just creepy enough.

Evelyn, Evelyn by Amanda Palmer and others (5/5)
This is kind of a companion to the album Evelyn, Evelyn which is all by (sung, lyrics, other) by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley and it's amazing. So amazing. I loved everything.

30-Second Mythology by Robert A. Segal (5/5)
It's a basic explanation of classical mythology, meaning just Greek and Roman, and it's really good. It has a short explanation of each thing (god, hero, other) and it was really good.

Ill Wind (Weather Warden #1) by Rachel Caine (4/5)
This was for a book club and was surprisingly good, if you ignore the crushed velvet, which I did. (It was just a purple outfit, no crushed velvet at all).

The Color of Magic (Discworld #1) by Terry Pratchett (5/5)
I decided to just go for it, just jump into this series, and oh my god it was amazing. I was so confused, really, the whole book, but I loved it. I got the world and the characters, but the way things happened made no sense. I loved it.

And now, since there weren't many books I read last month, I thought I'd add the books I might be reading to this list. As you can tell, it never really works out the way I want it to. I read by mood and, lately, I've been in an awful reading slump and now I'm sick and have a crap load of school work I should be doing right now. However, not counting book club books, there are the books I'd like to read this month:

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
I started this one is August and the movie is coming out at the end of the month and I want to have read the book before seeing the movie.

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury
This is technically for a book club, but also now for school. (John told us to read the rest by Tuesday! Oh god, can I do it?)

And whatever else might come my way. Hopefully much more then I read in August.

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