Monday, September 5, 2016

#Slowathon | Tackle Your TBR (#TackleTBR)

I think it's probably pretty obvious that those two are readathons. I've done Tackle Your TBR before and it's longer then most and just it's so great. And I've been in such a reading moon since the end of August into September? Like a - I don't really want to watch things or read too much fanfiction I want to read all the things, I'm hoping that'll continue into these readathons.

First, Slowathon! (Isn't that a great title?) It's a readathon created by marlinelina on YouTube - announcement video. There are optional challenges but you're not suppose to do them all because this readathon is all about quality not quantity - taking your time with a big book, or just reading a big book. And not trying to do the normal readathon thing of reading ALL THE BOOKS.

And I was considering, a few months ago, making September: Sanderson September. Mostly because of that alliteration but also because the last book in his Alcatraz series is coming out (I've read the first two but want to reread then continue). However, I also want to reread The Way of Kings, because I love it so damn much, and then finally read Words of Radiance. I also want to reread the Mistborn series. And I've never read Elantris. So. Much. Sanderson.

So for this readathon, I'm probably going to be reading other things around it when I need a break or whatever but I'd like to reread The Way of Kings this week, and also was planning on marking it up with favorite quotes/comments/such and that turns out to be one of the challenges.

I love normal readathon ways, obviously since I take part in all of them. I also really love the idea of taking my time with a book, and finally getting to some chunkier ones, even as a reread. I want to be able to re-immerse myself in that world. (I'm currently, accidentally, a bit ahead in my goal to read 100 books so I think it's completely doable).

Dates: September 12th - 18th. (Use #slowathon to talk to people on social media, it looks like)

Tackle Your TBR is more on the normal track for readathons, hosted by Wishful Endings, and these two overlap - though the slowathon is only a week while Tackle Your TBR is two. It goes from September 12th - 26th. I'll probably not push myself too much the first week, focusing more on The Way of Kings - but when I need a break and still want to read, I'll probably pick something else up.

As for a TBR, I have no idea. I've been super addicted to my Kindle Paperwhite but also I have hundreds of unread books in my apartment and I would like to also read those. I also really want to reread It, which is 1,200 pages, but also want to reread Sanderson. Also want to try and knock out some of the books that are new that I've been eyeing.

Who knows! I'm a mood reader, books, too many choices.

Let me know if you're taking part in either of these readathons. Also if you like the idea of slowathon as much as I did - everyones got at least one giant book on their shelves they want to read, right?

Announcement video for #slowathon
Announcement/sign up post for Tackle Your TBR

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  1. I like the idea of a slowathon! That's not a great week for me, but I agree it'd be a good opportunity to finally tackle a chunkster.