Wednesday, February 13, 2013

January Wrap-Up / February TBR

This is kind of late, I know, since it is already halfway through the month almost, but it's been crazier then normal (which is saying something) and next week will find me at Disney World. I still wanted to post a wrap-up and TBR, just because I want to have one for every month.

I've been in a reading slump for months now, I'm sure you guys have noticed this, which has brought down how much I've been reading to a painful level. I only read three books in January.

  • Ubik by Philip K. Dick
  • You Have to Stop This (Secret #5) by Pseudonymous Bosh
  • My Story by Marilyn Monroe 
All of them were fantastic. I've only posted a review of one of them so far, Ubik, and I'm unsure of how I'm going to review the Secret series yet and if I even will review My Story.

Since it's already halfway through the month, I have read a book in February, but only one. I'd love to break out of my reading slump this month, but it's not looking good for me so far. Considering the traveling and Disney adventures.

So I have no list of books, I'm just going to try and read what I'm feeling like and hope to finish at least one.