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Bout of Books 15 | Sign Up

I honestly didn't realize how close this was - it's been really hectic here and, for some reason, in my head this is the second week of January? It isn't, it turns out, my brain lies. I'm not sure how the first few days will go because I have a friend staying over New Years and leaving anywhere from the 4th to the 6th - standby flying is always fun - but I don't mind because friend. Just might end up staring a day or two later.

To the actual point of this post.

Bout of Books is a weeklong read-a-thon that takes place multiple times a year (three times seems to be the thing). This January it runs from the 4th through the 10th, whatever time zone you are. There are two twitter chats, my favorite, and everyone's active and really nice, and excited about books. It's a very lowkey and fun read-a-thon, and I really hope to be able to get a few things read, whatever they are.

Official Blurb:
The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, January 4th and runs through Sunday, January 10th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 15 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog
- From the Bout of Books team

Let me know if you'll be participating! I'll also be updating social medias - also about whatever shenanigans Sara and I are up to while she's here: updating goodreads and posting on TwitterInstagram

Sign up post

Monday, December 21, 2015

December 21st | Weekly Wrap Up #27

So I didn't put one of these up last week, because it was hectic and I figured a two week span wouldn't be that bad, I had other things to work on (end of stuff, beginning of 2016 stuff, none of it I have typed up yet), but now I wish I had done one last week because this week I have eye strain, a migraine (probably from the eye strain and has lasted all day), and also a fever. Overall bleh-ness, really.

That means this one is going to be a very short one.

Reading: (finished this week and actively currently-reading)
Falling for Him (The Karimi Siblings #1) by Alisha Rai (2/5)
THis wasn't horrible, to be fair, but it also just plain wasn't my cup of tea. I like my romance/erotica heroines to be sure of themselves, or at least faking it, and such. And she's independent, the main character in this one, but something about her was just a little eh, and the guy was kind of the same. Opening scene, though, the tension is pretty good.

The King (The White Years #2) by Tiffany Reisz (5/5)
I love this series, these characters. Particularly, the focus of this one - Kingsley Edge. I have no idea why I adore King so much, but I just plain do. And this one is all from his perspective, all about him and what was happening and it was just kind of fantastic. Also really loved Sam, and sad to not get more of her at any point, she was awesome.

The Virgin (The White Years #3) by Tiffany Reisz (5/5)
So if you haven't read the Red Years books, which technically take place after these but were published first, then these are about the years before those. They're about things that were alluded too or just things that happened before the Red Years books start - all in her Original Sinners series/universe. And I recommend them but heavy warnings - the Original Sinners stuff is dark BDSM, so fair warning of that, it won't be for everyone. Away from that - this series also has stuff after the red years series, is mostly them reminiscing, so you have to read red years first. (Blaming the little sense I made on my eye pain/fever. Apologies).

Curveball (Away We Go #1) by Charlotte Stein (2/5)
I was promised a good dirty talking hero - and not what I got. None of it was really interesting to me, I was bored a few pages in and that never really changed. Also there's one scene - no spoilers - where it had that moment of: wait, how are they positioned? How is that...? That sounds awkward and weird. So - not terrible, but not fantastic either.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter #1) by J.K. Rowling (5/5)
Long overdue a Harry Potter reread, been almost two years - two in january/february I think, but before that, I hadn't read them all through in years and year. Anyway - the illustrations in this are gorgeous and I was really glad that they weren't really taken from the actors, they're separate from them. I think my favorite illustration - without spoiling any of them because the others need to be seen, they're a delight - is the one of Hagrid and Harry on the boat away from the tiny island with the house. Hagrid's umbrella is the size I've always pictured it, it made me slightly joyful.

The Wicked and the Divine #16 by Gillen, McKelvie, and Matthew Wilson (4/5)
So curious to see where the hell this is all going.

Descender #7 by Jeff Lemire, Dustin Nguyen (2/5)
I'm just not really sure where this whole series is going, but I'll stick with it for a few more issues before making any decisions.

Legion: Skin Deep by Brandon Sanderson (5/5)
I think this one was definitely better then the first - more complex, strange, and interesting - and I'm honestly interesting to see where Sanderson is going to go with it, but I know that it's kind of shelved for a while because of Stormlight (which I am totally a fan of, because Stormlight - one of my 2016 goals, actually, is to try and make sure I'm all caught up on all of Sanderson's books. Anyway, not what we're talking about here).

Like I said up above, I'm sick. And I ended up missing the Yule ball today (yesterday for you guys), which I will be more upset about when I no longer have a fever and can see straight (or maybe no since New Years is happening - Malfoy Manor party, so damn excited).

Anyway - there isn't much I'm going to link here because I can't see straight enough to even talk about anything, but on my end: I want to get back into videos, also want to make a video and/or write a post that includes all of the things that have been going on in this apartment building since i've been here for six months now (maybe a post with everything and then video footage to kind of show you). If you're interested in that, let me know, but will probably do anyway - if not soon, in January at some point.

On that note - I don't think that the blogging thing is going to pick up again until January and, even then, a few days into January. I'm having a lovely house guest, and a good friend, staying over for New Years and while I'm very excited, I doubt that I'll be wanting to get much blogging done because I haven't seen her since May, and it might be until next October until I see her again. Also one of my other good friends, Haley, is back from her semester in London (sadly but also yay because I missed her!). So hectic last few weeks of 2015 and first few weeks of 2016, but I am so excited about it.

You probably can't tell because I might be planning on passing out as soon as I'm done typing this but I am super excited, just also feel like shit.

I hope your week was good, that you're day was fantastic, and that you are not sick. Also hope your Christmas (or solstice or whatever else you celebrate) is good and full of warmth. I guess I'll see you when I see you.

Random link things for your eyeballs:
*****Rosianna's Vlogmas videos have been so good, I'll be so sad when they're over. Personal and discussion-y and so close to home for me at points. Enjoy. And Rosi's videos are fantastic normally
Sanderson's end of year / future plans thing
Yorktown (The World Turns Upside down) from Hamilton (Hamilton love doesn't seem to fade, it's been constant for a few weeks now, let's be real I don't really want it to fade)

Note: Apologies for anything that doesn't many any sense / any typos.

Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7th | Weekly Wrap Up #26

I haven't done one of these in a while, but I've been really having the urge to blog and read lately, so hopefully that's a good sign I'm getting out of whatever the last few months have been. First off - I apologize that most of what is going to be in the 'stuff' section is just going to be stuff about what I've been up to instead of links - next week, or in two weeks depending on how much I read.

Speaking of reading - books first! What I've finished and then a brief mention of currently reading.

Reading: (finished this week and actively currently-reading)
Kaptara #5 by Chip Zdarsky, Kagan McLeod (5/5)
I just love this series and it's ridiculous sense of humor and the art. It's just all great.

Wayward #11 by Jim Zub, Steven Cummings (5/5)
Been with this series since the beginning, loving it. And looking forward to the next arc next year. Also, as always, highly recommend the single issues because of the essays about Japanese culture, normally related to what happened in the issue, in the back.

The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness (5/5)
I just have loved everything this author has written that I've read so far and this was no exception - I really loved that their lives are happening just kind of around what would normally be the focus of some Chosen One story (which I love, don't get me wrong, but I've wondered about how the other kids survive/think about it since the prom scene in Buffy).

Doll Bones by Holly Black (4.5/5)
I mostly listened to this through audible - while making things, more on that in the stuff section - but about this one. This is narrated by one of my favorite narrators who, actually, I just recently put together as this. I think the first audiobook I really fell in love with was The Name of the Wind - I really loved his narration of The Knife of Never Letting Go, though, as well. Which is related to how I rediscovered him - about this, though - Fantastic read. Adorable, middle grade adventure, with hints of magic you can really take as real or not (I'm going to take it as real because magic).

And, on that note, I'm currently reading - listening to in this case - Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness. I've been putting off reading it because I know it's going to hurt, but I decided I finally needed to just do it. It's been long enough.

I'm also currently reading The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan - some reason I can't get into this, I don't know why but I'm going to keep trying, only 16% through. And 100 Essays I Don't Have Time to Write: On Umbrellas and Sword Fights, Parades and Dogs, Fire Alarms, Children, and Theater  - which I'm enjoying, I saw a few snippets of it posted somewhere and I really loved them. So far so good, about 18% through and taking my time.

The stuff part I've been talking about.

I started this like intense crocheting period from the last few days of November, starting the 29th, to well it hadn't stopped as of writing this - yesterday, Sunday.  And I made a bunch of stuff and not a lot of reading was done during that time, but more reading then I'd been getting done, which I was more then okay with.

During the about eight days I made - a throw blanket (thick yarn, crocheted 3x5feet), 6 various types of hats (trying to figure out what pattern I like best, because hats), 1 thick yarn crochet scarf, 1 loom double knitted scarf (technically I think it's called the crossed stockinette stitch, but - double knitted, both sides). And that's only the stuff I've finished, there's quite a few things I've started (including the main body of teddy bear before realizing I had no stuffing, which I'll get soon hopefully).

I've been posting pictures, I'll link them at the bottom so I can list what they're of, but it's been a whirlwind, I'm not sure how this happened. I started crocheting about two months ago, September 22nd. I'd knitted before and such, but had never gotten into crocheting - and that was apparently a good thing. Because now I can't start. Also loom knitting, that's fast and a lot of fun, how I made most of the hats (5/6), and the double scarf.

Anyway, everyone who doesn't care probably skimmed that, which I completely understand, I also accidentally marathoned the whole first season of the Flash and the first two seasons of Arrow.(stalled in the beginning of s3 of Arrow, so just switched, meant to just watch a few episodes of the Flash. Oh well, I'll get back to arrow, if just for the badass ladies and Olicity).

What are you up to? I've been so out of loop, hopefully I can slowly get back into it, though I have a busy week head, more chiropractor stuff and probably more crocheting, hopefully reading.

I hope you've had a great week, and let me know what you've been up to or drop your own weekly wrap up link in the comments so I can see!

On the blog:

Pictures of the things I made - 
Almost everything together
 (sans 2 hats, because they weren't made yet)

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November 2015 | Monthly Wrap Up (Books + NaNoWriMo)

That title up there says books and NaNo because if I was just talking about things I read in November, this post would be nonexistent since I read the smallest amount I think I've ever read in a month before. And there were multiple reasons for that - and I think I'm currently okay with it, but I really desperately miss reading (and blogging, want to try to get back into it all - reading first, though).

Anyway - what I read and then we'll go onto NaNoWriMo and everything else


  • The Shadow over Innsmouth by H.P. Lovecraft (3/5)
Trades/Graphic Novels:
  • Black Widow, Volume 3: Last Days by Nathan Edmondson, Phil Noto (5/5)
  • Civil War by Mark Millar, + (3/5)
Single Issues:
  • Captain America: White #4 by Jeph, Leob, Tim Sale (5/5)
  • Black Canary #5 by Brenden Fletcher, Pia Guerra (3/5)
  • Wolf #4 by Ales Kot, Matt Taylor (3/5)
  • Marvel's Jessica Jones #1 by Brian Michael Bendis (3/5)
I read a few more things then I thought I did, I guess I was just looking at the sad physical pile (3 single issues and a graphic novel). I read some interesting things this month. I'm really enjoying Cap: White and there's a lot of 3/5's in there, all for different reasons. Honestly, I forget sometimes how much Marvel comics can be awful at making me give a shit - this one failed spectacularly, and that fast as hell one eighty at the end left me kind of going what just happened? 

On the other hand, I'm so sad that run of Black Widow is over, it was so damn good. Mostly the art. And her cat. The art was damn gorgeous through the whole thing, so much love. 

Besides reading - and I think that's all I had to say - November was also very hectic. Apparently, a few days before the months started I dislocated my tailbone. this was unknown to me until the 1st where I spent like 12 hours sitting, typing, and was in so much pain by the end of it I couldn't walk / my whole back, pretty much, was hot to the touch. (Update - chiropractors are great, but tailbone is still dislocated. hey can go in and pop it back in, but will probably just happen again, at least from what I understood).

On top of that, instead of taking the light stress way of NaNoWriMo, which I am incapable of doing - I accidentally aimed for 300k. (I hate myself).

And it was just kind of a stressful month all around, I was at high anxiety levels, for some reason, for the whole month. And I know I'm less anxious when I'm not reading - and I'm really kind of not, a page here or there and some single issues but not really - and I really miss it. I miss reading, I know that I'm better balanced mentally, and also less anxious, when I am reading. So I'm hoping to put aside time to read in December, I've got a ton of books that are starting to impose a little since I haven't been reading anything and I'd really like to (also crochet, I just started a blanket, a throw, on the 28th and I'd like to finish it and then start a giant, full blanket because crocheting projects!)

Anyway - that was my month. High stress and anxiety, dislocated my tailbone, and I have no idea how it ended up being the end of the month already. I think I'm going going to put up a December TBR post and also start working on plans for this blog for the future. Because I've officially considered stopping, but I'd miss it and I love blogging (just I can't when I'm not reading, I feel like a fraud. Reading, blogging, back to YouTube - I have a feeling I'll get a kick from the New Year starting. So December night be a little empty here on the blog, but I'm hoping to try and get back into it again in January).

How was your month? What have you been up reading or just up to in general? I'd really love to know, I hope (regardless of if you celebrate Thanksgiving) that you had some pie this last week, because pie is delicious. And you deserve pie.

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November 2015 | NaNoWriMo and Life

It's that time of year again, normally my favorite time of year, but we'll get to why I can't exactly say that quite this year. First, though, NaNoWriMo! I think I'm going to be using my writing tumblr again this year because I have almost no memory of the things I posted there from last year - ah, my memory.

Now - onto the life part of this post really quick. You've probably noticed, or maybe you haven't I understand, that I've barely been posting here - mostly just wrap ups or for read-a-thon - well there is a very good reason for that. I've been stressed. Like - more stressed then I thought possible.

I think I mentioned I moved on this blog - if not, I moved! Into an apartment, it's a studio loft and I really like it. However, there's still construction going on in the other part of the building, our side of the building isn't really done either. Oh, and my heater has decided not to work sometimes and it is louder then hell. (I'm not joking, it's fucking loud). Also, currently, there are beetles. How are they getting in? I don't know but I'm sick of them.

So it's been a tad stressful, and I've been trying to do some things - filming wrap ups and such - but I just haven't had the mental energy to write reviews. Which is really upsetting me at this point because I've barely posted any this year, and I like writing reviews. And blog posts in general, the last few months, there hasn't been much of anything going up here. I just haven't been able to think, in any direction for anything. I've also not been reading a lot, which I always kind of hate, reading makes me less stressed/anxious.

And that is why NaNo isn't my favorite time of the year this year - it still is, and I think I'll enjoy it a lot more once we get into it and everyones all about it - but I'm so stressed. And the thing is - I shouldn't be. After doing 50k day one last year, 25k is totally doable. And it's a Sunday, no workers here, no construction. Also  I normally write over 100k in a normal month, not much of it is original fiction but so what, it's still writing. And I enjoy that writing a hell of a lot.

I'm trying to calm myself down, I just think I put too many things on myself all at once. I decided I needed to have things ready/cooked for November and everything cleaned and what not. And I think the reason I don't want to accept that I can do that in a normal month, is because I love how much I end up spending writing in November if I"m doing it the insane way, I just really fucking enjoy it.

I love NaNoWriMo, and I'm hoping that reiterating these points to myself will help me calm down a little. Now - I am going to go and clean so that that isn't also stressing me out come November. And if you're participating in NaNo let me know! And let me know if you're going for 50k or if you're an overachiever, I'm super curious, and also if you know why my heater hates me, also let me know that.

Happy writing!

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

October 2015 | Monthly Wrap Up

October was one of those months that feels like it went by in a blink of the eye, like I got really nothing done, in all honesty (even though I did get a few things read), but the last week was mostly oh god it's NaNoWriMo next month, which wasn't fun and stressful.

That's a different post, though, that I hopefully right we'll see. October was a month where I wanted to read something horror - because Halloween - but I didn't really end up doing that. I'm in the middle of listening to The Shadow over Innsmouth by H.P. Lovecraft (which I'm enjoying), but haven't been able to finish anything. There's always November when I get sick of typing, or December. Horror because of Christmas, perfect.

Anyway - what I read this month. 4 novels, 7 trades, 10 single issues. I have a feeling I'll be reading a bunch of single issues next month considering I just got my pull list and haven't had a chance to read any of them (whose behind? Pshhh.... I'm always behind for comics, I've accepted this).

The Allow of Law by Brandon Sanderson (5/5)
Shadows of Self by Brandon Sanderson (5/5)
The Martian by Andy Weir (5/5)
Welcome to Night Vale by Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor (5/5)

Trades/Graphic Novels:
Virgil by Steve Orlando, J.D. Faith (5/5)
Locke and Key, Volume One: Welcome To Lovecraft by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez (5/5)
Locke and Key, Volume Two: Head Games by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez (5/5)
Locke and Key, Volume Three: Crown of Shadows by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez (5/5)
Locke and Key, Volume Four: Keys to the Kingdom by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriquez (5/5)
Locke and Key, Volume 5: Clockworks by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez (5/5)
Locke and Key, Volume 6: Alpha & Omega by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez (5/5)

Single Issues:
Captain America: White #2 by Jeph Leob, Tim Sale (5/5)
Wolf #3 by Ales Kot, Matt Taylor (3/5)
Black Canary #4 by Brenden Fletcher, Annie Wu (4/5)
The Wicked and the Divine #14 by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie (5/5)
All New Hawkeye #4 by Jeff Lemire, Ramon Perez (3/5)
Nameless #5 by Grant Morrison Chris Burnham (2/5)
Captain America: White #3 by Jeph Leob, Tim Sale (5/5)
Spider-Gwen #1 by Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez (4/5)
The Wicked and the Divine #15 by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie (4/5)
Invincible Iron Man #1 by Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez (3/5)

Ended up being a bit of a Sanderson month, also want to reread his others I've read and get to the others I haven't read yet. (I got to see him, and he signed a few of my books, and it was really freaking awesome!!) And I guess on the horror front, Locke and Key definitely counts, and I love that damn series so much, pretty much what I read during Dewey's this year but no regrets!

There isn't much else to say that I can think of at the moment - Marvel comics are starting again, new Spider-Gwen and Iron Man, both I enjoyed. Also reread The Martian after I saw the movie, want to see the move again! - but if you've read any of these I'd love to talk about them with you, let me know in the comments, or what you're wrap up, what you're currently reading.

Happy (terrifying)  November!

Monday, October 19, 2015

October 12th | Weekly Wrap Up #25

I went another two weeks without doing one of these and now I'm trying to finish typing this up while I'm completely exhausted from Dewey's 24 hour read-a-thon (my wrap up of that), but I love that read-a-thon, always such a blast.

Anyway, this is everything I've read the last two weeks and also what I've been up to media wise, which honestly really isn't much. I've been sleeping a regular amount (which is honestly a little shocking), but I haven't been up to much, in all honesty.

Reading: (finished this week and actively currently-reading)
Captain America: White #2 by Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale (5/5)
So this comic series had made me tear up 2/2 at this point. Both times there's been a point within the first about five/ten pages where it's just like - oh no. Basically, I'm really love it and cannot wait for more.

Wolf #3 by Ales Kot, Matt Taylor (3/5)
I'm loving this series - the first one blew me away and then #2 and this one haven't been as whoa, but this one had more going on again. I just can't kind of wait to see where the hell this is going.

Black Canary #4 by Brenden Fletcher, Annie Wu (4/5)
This series is awesome and also adorable, and I'm also slightly concerned. But excited for the next issue!

The Wicked and the Divine #14 by Kiernon Gillen, Jamie McKelvie (5/5)
The last few have felt a little wavering and it was confusing - but this one kind of showed some of what the hell is going on.

The Alloy of Law (Mistborn #4, Wax and Wayne #1) by Brandon Sanderson (5/5)
It was good as hell to get back into this world. And I love all the characters and I'm so damn curious to trying to figure out what's going on with the world and everything. So good, though. So good.

Shadows of Self by Brandon Sanderson (5/5)
How this book wrapped up was something I completely did not expect, and seeing some old friends is always good. (Well, old friend). I seriously highly recommend all things Sanderson, and I also got to meet him this last week (more on that below).

Virgil by Steve Orlando, J.D. Faith (5/5)
I don't know what i expected from this, but I really enjoyed what I got? It was like an intense, high body count action movie (pretty much here for) but with the main character being a guy whose guy and being ridiculed for that - and his boyfriend is taken and he wants him back (okay, I'm so here for that, someone needs to make it a movie). I really, realy enjoyed this, and the art style was something I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, but I think it's gorgeous

Locke and Key, Volume One: Welcome To Lovecraft  through to Volume Six: Alpha & Omega by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez (5/5)
Yup, you read that right, I read all six volumes of this series, pretty much in one day (readathon, remember?). Volumes 1-3 were rereads but I realized how truly little I remembered from them so I'm glad I reread them. Either way - this was incredible, it seriously blew me away, and discovering about new keys was so damn interesting. I highly recommend this series and cannot wait to get to read something else by Joe Hill (I haven't actually read any of his novels yet, or short stories).

All New Hawkeye #4 by Jeff Lemire, Ramon Perez (3/5)
I have no idea what happened here, but I think we might get old man Barton? Shockingly here for that?

Nameless #5 by Grant Morrison Chris Burnham (2/5)
I don't know what this comic is, what this series it. But I'm still reading it in the hope sit all comes together and makes sense - hasn't really done that for me yet.

Wasn't feeling good most of the last week, and the week before I started watching Arrow (on the 10th, I think), also watched the first episode of Flash, just because it was there. I'm now well into season two of Arrow, really enjoying it and going to try and watch the rest of them pretty lined up because cameos are fun.

Also this past Wednesday, the 14th, Brandon Sanderson was in Boston. And so obviously I couldn't miss that for the life of me. And I was no disappointed, it was kind of just like low grade fangirling the whole time, but I don't think anyone noticed. Also I might have stared a little too hard as some cosplayers dressed as Wax and Wayne but only because they looked awesome.

Besides that - life has been pretty boring, busy, but boring. I mean, all of my appliances are breaking on me and I'm so behind on YouTube that I will never catch up anyway. Also still crocheting - was I crocheting the last time I posted one of these? I think I was... yes, I just checked, had been for like over a week.

Let me know what's going on with you! Your favorite recent read, or what's going on personally, anything at all!

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Dewey's readathon | Wrap Up

I didn't end up reading for as long as I wanted, but I did complete one of my goals that I didn't actually mention anywhere (ah yes, one of those goals that you're like - I can probably finish this. But if I say it out loud, I probably won't do it. Why? Because brains suck.

The goal was to finish the Locke and Key series, all six volumes, and I did it! I'd read volumes 1-3 over a year ago and I was planning on rereading them and continuing with the rest, which I'm really glad I did because the amount I remembered from those was really just barely the skeletal part of it. (My memory is really awful).

Anyway - I finished that and some of other things. Like what I was currently reading, being Shadows of Self, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Before i get to my full stats. I just want to say something first.

I really love this read-a-thon. It's a ton of fun, and it's always just so exciting to think of everything starting to read at exactly the same time, and then seeing everyones updates and what people are reading and such. I kind of wish I could do this more often, just push everything aside and read Considering the nap I took turend into more a sleep, I probably could get done what I did during a normal day, if I just read, but whatever. It's not the same without a read-a-thon!

If you haven't been participating - or are just hearing about Dewey's 24 hour read-a-thon - then I highly suggest you click that link and check it out, they have events twice a year (the next is in April, and then October again). It's a ton of fun.

Shadows of Self by Brandon Sanderson
Virgil by Steve Orlando, J.D. Faith
Locke and Key, Volume One: Welcome To Lovecraft by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez
All New Hawkeye #4 by Jeff Lemire, Ramon Perez
Locke and Key, Volume Two: Head Games by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez
Locke and Key, Volume Three: Crown of Shadows by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez
Locke and Key, Volume Four: Keys to the Kingdom by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriquez
Nameless #5 by Grant Morrison Chris Burnham
Locke and Key, Volume 5: Clockworks by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez
Locke and Key, Volume 6: Alpha & Omega by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez

Total # Pages Read: 1, 387

Total # Books Read: 8

Total Time Spent Reading: 7 hours, 25 minutes

Not even 8 hours of reading, but I did get an amount done I feel pretty good about. Let me know how you did down below, I'd love to hear, I really would. Now, I just hope I'm still sleeping when this is posted.

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Dewey's readathon | Update | 8am - 12pm
Dewey's readathon | Update | 12pm - 4pm
Dewey's readathon | Update | 12am - 4am

Dewey's readathon | Update | 12am - 4am

Alright, so if you're not following me on social media you might not know that I meant to take a quick nap - an hour, two at most - and then accidentally slept from like 9 - 1 and that was after not getting any reading done since four.

But I woke up with new found strength to read! And I made tea, caffeine! (Caffeine that is slightly nicer on my stomach then coffee, huzzah)

Locke and Key, Volume 4: Keys to the Kingdom by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez (finished - 64 pages)
Nameless #5 by Grant Morrison Chris Burnham (started and finished - 32 pages)
Locke and Key, Volume 5: Clockworks by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez (started and finished - 160 pages)
Locke and Key, Volume 6: Alpha & Omega by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez (started and finished - 192 pages)

# of Pages Read: 448

# of Books Read: 3

Time Spent Reading: 2 hours, 5 minutes

Total # Pages Read: 1, 387

Total # Books Read: 8

Total Time Spent Reading: 7 hours, 25 minutes

Can we just talk about Locke and Key? Why did I wait so damn long to finish up this series? It turned into my goal of this read-a-thon, because I knew I wouldn't unless I read them all back to back, and I really needed to reread the first few, too.

Basically, completely spoiler free, just fucking read it. This series is incredible, funny at points, but also ripped my heart out. I want to read more because I'm awake now, but I have to process that a little first. So we'll see how that goes.

Anyway - besides me gushing about Locke and Key (and sobbing) and the fact that I slept a good few hours without meaning to: what are you reading? Still awake? Or heading off to bed? Let me know what you just finished, currently reading, any and either way!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dewey's readathon | Update | 12pm - 4pm

Whew, this is going up a little late because I stopped to write down stuff and then decided to just finish the graphic novel I was currently reading before doing this. It was definitely a successful few hours, I didn't do much else but read. I did get a shit ton of that done, though.

Virgil by Steve Orlando, J.D. Faith (started and finished - 104 pages)
Locke and Key, Volume One: Welcome To Lovecraft by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez (started and finished - 168 pages)
All New Hawkeye #4 by Jeff Lemire, Ramon Perez (started and finished - 25 pages)
Locke and Key, Volume Two: Head Games by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez (started and finished - 160 pages)
Locke and Key, Volume Three: Crown of Shadows by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez (started and finished - 152 pages)
Locke and Key, Volume Four: Keys to the Kingdom by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriquez (started - 88 pages)

# of Pages Read: 697

# of Books Read: 4

Time Spent Reading: 2 hours, 50 minutes

Total # Pages Read: 939

Total # Books Read: 5

Total Time Spent Reading: 5 hours, 20 minutes

Whew, I think I need a little break before continuing. Volumes 1 - 3 of Locke and Key were rereads, but rereading them I realized how very little I remembered (so little, holy shit), and it's so damn good. I can't wait to get to volumes five and six after a break, a well deserved break that was a lot of reading back to back. Virgil was fantastic, as well, though - so much good comic reading just happened. I might need a nap or just something not reading, though, maybe I'll save the nap for later

Dewey's readathon | Update | 8am - 12pm

Update number one, which means we are four hours into this thing. I hope everyones reading is going well and, if not, I hope your day is going well.

I started not at exactly 8, still trying to do some things on the computer - writing a few words and commenting on a few blogs before closing it until I had to write this update. I still think it was definitely a successful few hours, though.

Shadows of Self by Brandon Sanderson (finished - 242 pages)

# of Pages Read: 242

# of Books Read: 1

Time Spent Reading: 2 hours, 30 minutes

Shadows of Self was the only book I'd been reading before the read-a-thon started, so I wanted to polish it off first so I could get into other things. I'm definitely going to have to go back and connect things and probably look up stuff on the 17th Shard - I need a few minutes to process and then graphic novels, maybe a single issue or two, and starting another book!

What are you reading?

Dewey's 24 hour readathon | Kick Off (8am Eastern)

This is scheduled to go up so I hope I'm actually awake - I'll be super annoyed if the one morning I want to be awake before 8, I'm not. That isn't the point of this post, the point of this post is oh my god the Dewey's 24 hour read-a-thon is starting!!

If you're confused, or downright have no idea what I'm talking about - readathon blog, check it out. 24 hour read-a-thon, everyone starts at the same exactly time around the world (example: 8 eastern, 7 central, and so on), and you read for 24 hours. There's mini challenge type things, you can win prizes - but really my favorite part, and I feel comfortable saying I think most peoples favorite part... is the people.

Reading with hundreds of people and then talking to those hundreds of people on the internet. Cheering people on to read more or stay up, or promising people that if they don't have time it's okay. It's a read-a-thon, but life happens.

I have no idea how this is going to go for me this year - I'm not really in a reading mood, but I want to be? I haven't been reading, but there are so many things I want to be reading. Well, want to have read. So I have a feeling that the morning of (right now) I'll just post a picture of the books I pulled out before bed, probably a ridiculously huge stack, and I'll just start reading something.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to start the read-a-thon by finished Shadows of Self by Brandon Sanderson, but after that - who knows? I certainly don't!

For my updates - social media: TwitterInstagramgoodreads - and I'll be posting four hour update posts here, separate posts. So one will go up at noon, then 4pm, then 8pm, and so on until it's over or I pass out. And then - probably after a few hours of sleep - I'll write and post a wrap up of everything I read, if I did any challenges, and I also tend to gush about how awesome everyone is.

If you're participating please, please comment down below with your blog or twitter or whatever so I can go check it out and cheer you on I've never signed up to be a cheerleader, but I do try to comment on peoples posts and chat with people. So let me know! And if you have any idea of what you're going to read, I'd love to hear!

Now - read! And have fun, no stress just books.

Edit: I'm going to add the Introductory Meme here just so my updates can mostly be just updates, we'll see how that works. This is basically just answering questions, so lets see how that goes:

1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today?
Rhode Island, the tinniest tiny state. (It's still new to say that, I'm so use to saying MA)

2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to?
Oh god, I don't know. I didn't make a very big stack, just pretty much what I've been wanting to read and not getting to. I'm into Shadows of Self (which I'm loving) but also very excited to finally get to 4-6 of Locke and Key, after rereading the first 3 because I don't remember really anything. Also - the first Magnus Chase book. They're all pretty excitable really.

3) Which snack are you most looking forward to?
You know, this year I didn't really go out and buy snacks, but I'll probably break out chocolate and cookies at some point, which I don't normally let myself do. Also probably a lot of tea, it looks to be a chilly day.

4) Tell us a little something about yourself!
Well, I really love reading and I've been having a super hard time of doing that recently. Just haven't been able to focus because of so much stress, so I'm really glad that this read-a-thon comes around when it does.

5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to?
I think this is my third or fourth, but I'm not sure anymore, and I think what I'm hoping to do differently then the last time is stay up later. I have before, but last time I passed out at like midnight. Unacceptable! 8 hours of lost reading time. Though, I don't I'll stay up that much later, but I can live with 2 or 4.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon | Sign Up (October 17th)

It's that time of year again! I always love participating in this read-a-thon, it's such a compressed amount of time and everyone is awesome and all the stuff happening on peoples blogs and social media - I love making a stack to choose from and getting to have fun with it.

Dewey's 24 hour readathon is on that starts at a specific time and, for a good few time zones, mostly going off mine which is how I think of it, will go from the 17th - 18th of October. I'm going to link the page they have of start times down below so you can figure out yours.

I think this read-a-thon is pretty self explanatory - readathon, 24 hours. However, if you can't read you can always cheerlead (still need free time/computer access), I'll also link the post about that at the bottom. Or you can always just randomly jump on the hashtag on Twitter or whatever, or just push your friends.

It's a fantastic experience and so much fun. I'll post stuff closer, probably do updates in four hour chunks like I've done in the past. I'll do a kick off post with, hopefully, a picture of my stack the day before so, if you're participating, you can tell me what you're planning on reading. Alright, that's more then enough useless chatter.

24 hours. Reading. Join. Links just below.

To Sign Up Yourself
Start Times
Cheerleader post

Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5th | Weekly Wrap Up #24

I skipped a week because I literally finished one book and one single issue that week, because my mom started moving and I was very, very anxious (stressed because of that but also anxious because anxiety is an asshole). And we had one slightly chilly day so I started crocheting (you crochet? you might be asking - yes, I do as of the Tuesday before last. I know how to knit, have known for years, but I think I like crocheting better? (Don't tell knitting, shhh).

Anyway - this is a book blog, I think, i've been a little stressed and scattered, but I think that's still what this is, right?

Reading: (finished this week and actively currently-reading)
Captain America: White #1 by Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale (4/5)
I haven't read any of the other color series that they've done, but I'm here for this one? I haven't gotten to into comic Steve pre-modern time (mostly I've read some of Brubaker's run, want to read more, but that's pretty modern with some flashbacks). This is pretty much all flashback, also it almost made me cry two pages in, so there's that.

The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien (5/5)
It took me almost a month to read this, but it was so damn good. There was so much I loved of this book, that I just felt so deeply. It's so very stark and honest feeling, and the way he talks about storytelling might be one of my favorite things ever. And I'm glad as hell I picked this up.

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between by Jennifer E. Smith (3/5)
So adorable. It was just so adorable and also painful, she captured that feeling really well, that 'we're leaving for college' feeling.

Driven to Distraction (Hollywood Heat #2) by Ashleigh Raine (2/5)
I didn't read the first one, this one seemed more interesting. And it was - fine. It wasn't strictly bad but it definitely wasn't really good either? But it was kind of what I expected - minimal plot, fun characters, like 80% sex. So it was fun, that's it.

Legion (Legion #1) by Brandon Sanderson (4/5)
I first read this by listening to it on audio and I don't remember when that was (September 2013, wow what a good I did, reading it exactly two years later). And I enjoyed it, it definitely kind of feels like a set up thing and too short, but I really love this idea and I think it could be super interesting and intense.

So stuff hasn't really been happening. I've been watching mostly peoples monthly wrap ups and not a whole hell of a lot else. I've been anxious and crocheting and mostly failing at reading - if I haven't read in like two days it still feels like failing to me for some reason. And I've just been kind of very anxious on top of everything with everything going on - it's been insane since I moved, it hasn't really let up. And I really cannot wait until it's all over and we're both settled (and I have god damn heat. It was so damn cold the last few days, legally we're suppose to have it by October 15th, we'll see how that goes), but hopefully then I'll be able to take a few days to decompress and breathe.

Until then - I'm sorry to say blogging stuff is going to be pretty spotty and probably a little underlining thing of (ahhhhhhhhhhh). Hopefully by the end of the month that'll mostly be over, but we'll see.

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Friday, October 2, 2015

September 2015 | Monthly Wrap Up

We're trying a slightly different format for the book and such part of the wrap up, I'm splitting it up into books (as in novels and the like) and then trades (trades and graphic novels and anything that'd fall into that area, like manga), rounding it out with single issues, which I think is pretty self explanatory. It just feels slightly more organized then just plain the order in which I read them (they're still in that order, just in their own lists now).

It was a good reading month, which I was slightly surprised to learn because it hadn't felt like a good one, but I got through a good number of things. Also a good number of really good things. I ended up reading 9 books, 2 trades/such, and 7 single issues. So it wasn't amazing, comparing it to some months in the past, but I'm really pleased with it. I've been trying to get back into reading regularly but not pushing myself to read ALL THE BOOKS, which is hard, but I've been so busy and also started doing other things with my down time (crocheting takes up time). Also, I've been trying to figure out my goals for reading by week, and looking back on this month, I definitely met the idea of reading 2 books a week, on average.

Now - before I get more distracted - the books:

Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King (3/5)
Uprooted by Naomi Novik (4/5)
Blue Lily, Lily Blue (The Raven Cycle #3) by Maggie Stiefvate (5/5)
Justice Calling by Annie Bellet (2/5)
A Curious Tale of the In-Between by Lauren DeStefano (4/5)
The Marvels by Brian Selznick (5/5)
The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien (5/5)
Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between by Jennifer E. Smith (3/5)
Driven to Distraction (Hollywood Heat #2) by Ashleigh Raine (2/5)
Legion (Legion #1) by Brandon Sanderson (4/5)

Trades/Graphic Novels:
War-Fix by David Axe, Steven Olexa (2/5)
Lady Killer, Volume One by Joëlle Jones, Jamie S. Rich (5/5) 

Single Issues:
Injection #4 by Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey (5/5)
Descender #6 by Jeff Lemire, Dustin Nguyen (4/5)
Black Canary #3 by Brenden Fletcher, Annie Wu (4/5)
Wolf #2 by Ales Kot, Matt Taylor (4/5)
Injection #5 by Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey (5/5)
Planet Hulk #5 by Sam Humphries (2/5)
Captain America: White #1 by Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale (4/5)

Some really good stuff this month - I finally got around to Blue Lily, Lily Blue (which didn't disappoint) and I also finished The Marvels (a new release and incredible) and The Things They Carried (which I'm pretty sure I'll be thinking about for a while). And that's just the books - Lady Killer, Volume One was incredible and I think I'll read in single issues instead of waiting for the next volume. Injection is also something I am totally into right now, it's definitely captured and been holding my attention.

What did you read this month? Link me to your wrap up, whatever format it is, or just let me know in the comments!

(Note: I'm hoping to film a monthly wrap up and give some individual thoughts on everything, but it's suppose to be raining for the next week here and you can't hear a thing over the noise on camera. Yes, that's how loud the rain is).

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tackle Your TBR | Updates (21st - 27th)

Week two of the Tackle Your TBR read-a-thon! The first few days of this week is in the are of there still being time to sign up. And who doesn't love a good read-a-thon?

I posted my updates for last week here and have been mostly having fun with it, even though there is quite a bit of reading I'd like to be getting done, life has kind of taken over. I'm going to have to try and switch gears and put writing first, and maybe be able to sleep later, that would help.


Yeah, I haven't read a thing yet this week, I've been busy and it's been hectic. And I just plain can't focus on reading. I'm hoping to at some point tomorrow, but I've been so damn anxious lately (books help with that, but not if I'm too anxious. If I'm too anxious I can't just sit and read, need to be at like a yellow, at least).

But what are you reading / how are you liking this read-a-thon? Not particpating? How's your week going? And, seriously, tell me what you're reading, I'm curious!

Number of books I've read today: 0
Total # of books I've read: 3
Pages read: 53
Total # of pages: 1,308 
Time Spent Reading: 10 minutes
Total Time Spent Reading: 8 hours, 15 minutes
Captain America: White #1 by Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale (started and finished - 53 pages)

So my mom started moving and, obviously, helping with that. Also, really cannot seem to focus on books right now? Too stressed or too anxious, or all the things.

Number of books I've read today: 0
Total # of books I've read: 3
Pages read: 36
Total # of pages: 1,344 
Time Spent Reading: 30 mintutes
Total Time Spent Reading: 8 hours, 30 minutes
The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien (continued - 36 pages)

They're only so many times I can read a few pages from The Things They Carried until I'm finished with it, right? It's so good, but I currently really cannot digest it in large bouts, just can't. Loving it, though. And look, I took half an hour to read yesterday! And I read something! (It's only been like a week since I had time to really read, probably less then, and I miss books)

Thursday & Friday
No reading done days, but have I mentioned the crocheting that has started? I'm still in the I suck at this phase, but it's very nice, kind of just mind/anxiety quieting. And it's always nice to make things. And warm things for coming winter months is fun.

Number of books I've read today: 1
Total # of books I've read: 4
Pages read: 75
Total # of pages: 1,419 
Time Spent Reading: 1 hour
Total Time Spent Reading: 9 hours, 45 minutes
The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien (finished - 75 pages)

I crocheted two wristers/fingerless gloves and bought yarn to hopefully start blanket. And also finished a book! (And watched the livestream of the all pug production of Hamlet). So yesterday was pretty good and very full of things, I'm pretty pleased. Now to start the blanket and finish another book.

Yeah so this week didn't go so well with reading, hope it went better for you - pretty sure it probably went better for everyone else since I finished one thing this week and it was pretty much just the last half of it (not counting the other one single issue I read). I did move a lot of things and organize and clean and crochet, though, so that's good.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday | Books On Your Fall TBR

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. I haven't done one of these in a while - but I've been seeing people talking about the books that they want to read in the fall, basically that they want to read before the end of the year, and I've been mulling it over and over. Because I don't want to stress myself out too much, especially with my mom going to be moving (and needing help) and everything else.

First off, fall is the season of so many good books being released and also trying to figure out how to complete reading challenges before the end of the year - at least that's what is on my mind. There's a ton of new releases that I've pre-ordered and I'm looking forward to, but I'm not going to make any promises I can't keep (at least, I'm going to try not to).

  1. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo - comes out on September 29th and I've been hearing literally nothing but good things about this book, and it's a heist story in a fantasy world. I am so far sold, and I need this book in my life, one more week, I can (hopefully) survive one more week.
  2. Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness - I need to finish this series before the first two books start to fade (more then they already have). I'm putting it off, mostly, because I know it's going to destroy my soul, probably, but I also need to know what happens.
  3. The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien - This might be slightly cheating, since I'm like halfway through this, but it's been taking me forever, so at this point it's like hopefully I can finish this soon.
  4. the Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - this is for the Book Riot Read Harder challenge, I think this is going to be my book by an African author. 
  5. A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab - it's honestly ridiculous I haven't read this yet, and just shows how much my reading is so messed up right now that I didn't immediately sit down and read this. I pre-ordered this, I have two copies now, I need to just get to it at some point. 
  6. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard - also for the RH challenge, a book by an author that was under 25 when the book was published, and from what I've found she was, and also something I pre-ordered that I should get to. 
  7. Zeroes by Chuck Wendig - also something I preordered, also something I should get to. I own a good number of Chuck's books for never having read one, need to read this. 
  8. The Shining by Stephen King - I, a professed King fan, have never read this. I know, it's awful, but it's going to be spooky season and I'm living in a building that is possibly haunted and also the corridors are creepy, so it seems like the perfect time to read this. 
  9. The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer - pre-ordered this one, signed. And it's AFP, but it's also one I know is going to make me sob my heart out, even though it's also going to help. Also I'm going to use it for the 'self-help' book part of the RH challenge, I feel like it'll fit that in a not normal way. 
  10. Stonewall by Martin Duberman - this book is taking me forever to read, and I'm not sure how I'm feeling about it, but I want to keep reading it? I'm currently not focusing on it, have kind of put it to the side, but I'd like to finish in the next few months, if not then by the end of the year. Hopefully.
And I think that's my kind of off the cuff list of books, I probably should of just included all my remaining RH challenges but I decided against doing that, there's other things I want to read, too. I've still got 11 challenges left to go, though, but I haven't been overly pushing myself to finish it by the end of the year? (They've said it wasn't a year thing, and if I don't finish it by the end of the year, I still want to push myself to try and finish all of the challenges because they're definitely challenges).

Let me know what's on your fall TBR, if you did this topic, or whatever you'd like!

Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21st | Weekly Wrap Up #23

A read-a-thon week, as next week will also be, but also this week I tried to get the rest of my books into my apartment (I was starting to get separation anxiety, my books, come to me!). And my mom got word that she'd be moving next week, so like pre-stress. Moving might be the most long lasting and stressful thing I've ever done, probably mostly because of how bad we are at it. (I'm kind of hoping to count how many books I own - read and unread - once everything is more settled, I have a feeling I'm going to have to do like sticky notes by few shelves so I don't look track).

Reading: (finished this week and actively currently-reading)
A Curious Tale of the In-Between (Pram #1) by Lauren DeStefano (4/5)
I was so strangely pleasantly surprised about this book - I started hearing good things because it'd come out and so I decided to jump and give it a shot. And I just really loved it - the whole feeling of it, the more serious things, the characters, the world. I really loved it and highly recommend it!

Lady Killer, Volume One by Joëlle Jones, Jamie S. Rich (5/5)
I've been anticipating this for months, because I found out about this series about when issue three was coming out, and couldn't find issues one or two anywhere for the life of me. And I was not disappointed, even for the wait and the anticipating. This book is what it says it is and definitely delivers, but I'm kind of a sucker for assassins. Especially with normal lives.

The Marvels by Brian Selznick (5/5)
I don't even know what to say about this, I didn't know anything going into it - it was Selznick, I didn't really need to know anything. And I'm glad I went in like that, so I don't want to give too much away. Basically it was beautiful and breathtaking and heartbreathing. And so fucking good and I recommend going and reading it. Also, you might need tissues (not sure why this book gripped and yanked on me so far, probably just because it's been an emotional week. But damn, it was so good).

Injection #5 by Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey (5/5)
I am just so into this series right now, it feels so fresh and original. Basically, I'm learning, that anything Warren Ellis writes is automatically a must read for me now.

Planet Hulk #5 by Sam Humphries (2/5)
I didn't expect it to go the way everyone was hoping - I was hoping, too, and it seemed pretty straight forward to go that way - and then it didn't feel like it ended? It was a strange tiny story arc where I don't feel any closer. However, I've learned I want a full thing of Steve and Bucky being Gladiators, that'd be cool.

Honestly, between getting the (almost) last of my books finally into my apartment and stress in general, and reading. I haven't been looking into too much on the internet. Mostly trying to catch up on Night Vale and listening to wrock.

Also been watching or rewatching Markiplier scream/play games. (Mostly Until Dawn and FnaF)

On the blog:

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Comics | Where to Start (Plainly: Recommendations)

I'm going to base this post on where I started, with some added things, because I feel like I stumbled a few times but mostly got there. Through following advice of others on where to start and recommendations. First, we're going to go not superhero comics, we'll get to that.

First off, I'm going to be listing the trades just because I feel like thats the easiest way to get into any series, and most of the series I'm going to recommend have at least the first, normally the first two out.

East of West and Sage are similar on the genre of SciFi, but that's where the similarities end. I'd recommend Saga first, because I know some people have found East of West very confusing. Saga follows tow young lovers who are from species that are at war and hate each other, and it's their on the run story. Them and their infant child. And it's pretty incredible and gorgeous and, also, easy to follow. It's also explicit so if you're not comfortable with that, then I'd suggest giving that one a pass.

East of West is a SciFi western that follows the start of the Apocalypse by the four horsemen. And, let me just tell you - the art is gorgeous, the characters are interesting, the different people are amazing, and the politics is complicated and bloody. I highly recommend this series - and people say that rereading the first volume after reading it the first time really helped them grasp on to everyone, if you had trouble.

Two more visually stunning series that are more contemporary and magical are The Wicked and the Divine and Wayward. We'll start with WicDiv - the first two volumes are available now and it's incredible. The art and coloring is gorgeous beyond belief and the story line feels fresh and interesting, and the characters are amazing. I kind of enjoyed going into it pretty blind, so all I'm going to tell you if you somehow haven't heard of this series - gods are re-incarnated in people and they only live for two years before dying.

Wayward is about an Irish/Japanese girl who is making the transition to live in Japan with her mother, and she's not sure about it but she quickly finds out that maybe the magics of Japan aren't just folklore. Volume one of this is out so far, volume two coming soon, and the art is gorgeous, the magic is interesting and comes out more in recent issues.

You know how I said if explicit wasn't your thing Saga wasn't for you? Well that's true times ten for Sex Criminals. Also by Fraction, who will be mentioned below for his Hawkeye run and I'm sure you've heard his name if you've been following my blog. People seem to waver on Sex Criminals but I've never seen anyone that's disliked it outright. It's a story about two people who meet and realize they both share a kind of strange ability - time freezes when they orgasm (I said explicit, it's pretty graphic at points. There might be a scene where he gynecologist explains contraceptives while stripping. Not actually doing so but that's what the comic shows). And from that - don't you want to read it? I did. And I'll ready anything by Fraction and Zdarsky.

I'm going to stop myself there for right now because I feel like that's enough indie comics to get you started. They're all Image, but I do love Image and haven't read much by anything others. And those all feel very user friendly - they're all good, got good story lines and art (gorgeous art for some), and also are pretty cheap for trades, Image is good about that.

And now, onto the superhero comics - I suggest giving Watchmen a read, I didn't love it but I did enjoy it and I also just think it's a good kind of commentary on the genre. And don't watch the movie, just save yourself.

First, before even getting into the recommendations - you need to be aware that it's going to be confusing if you think about too hard. And that you're never going to really be able to know everything, there's years and years of backlog and history. And they will decide to reboot series or the whole universe, or have events that bring in everything. It is complicated, but it's not scary complicated. If you can handle putting things in separate universes and sometimes not knowing things - though I've never been confused beyond just a slight what are you talking about? before - then you're good. Also good maybe not reading in complete order - carry on.

If that all just sounds like too much work or like it's going to give you a headache and confuse the hell out of it - then just give it a miss, maybe try contained comic series or the ones related to movies/TV shows. I'm not going to judge you for it, and no one else who is worth or time is going to either. It's complicated and can get expensive if your library isn't well stocked.

(Also, a disclaimer, I haven't gotten as into DC as I have Marvel, so these recs, and future ones, will be heavily Marvel until I do get more into DC, which I would like to do).

Now - places to start.

For where to start with more current things, I think Fraction's Hawkeye is relatable and gorgeously illustrated and deals withs Clint's disability towards the end. Also there's a dog. It's mostly about what Clint gets up to not on the clock, and it shows him as pretty fumbling. And I liked that Clint, he's related and entertaining (I also enjoy highly trained, can do anything Clint, but human disaster Clint has a special place in my heart since he was my entrance to it). It's also a limited run, four volumes, so there's a definite beginning and end, a whole story. And it's a hell of a good one.

Runaways - I don't know what the hell took me so long to start this series, and I haven't finished the run but I'm throwing it in here because I've read the first eighteen issues (complete collection volume one) and it seems like a fantastic starting point. It's super hero related and there is mentions of the outside universe and, in those first ones, you run into some others - two i had never heard of, my knowledge is lacking in some areas. Either way, they are kind of separate, at the beginning at least. Which I feel like is a good introduction to a comic with characters with superpowers, and in for the marvel universe (well, for that universe of the marvel universe). Still - fantastic series.

Captain Marvel - Carol might be one of my favorite characters. She's competent and smart as hell and in the more recent issues she's in space with a cat, just saying. She's an interesting character, though, and a good as hell on. (And Kelly Sue DeConnick. You don't know who she is? Well, friend, then you are in for a treat).

Ms. Marvel - I feel like everyone's been talking about since it started running. A muslim american teenage girl taking over Carol's old persona and becoming Ms. Marvel. Kamala is one of my favorite characters - she's young, in high school, but she wants to do good, wants to help. And there's some great commentary on how millennial's aren't what people think they are (we are, I'm a young one but I'm still in those years myself). Also there's some great cameos, and it's normally highly amusing.

The one DC thing I'm going to recommend because I'm sticking to things you can buy trades for - I'm sorry, DC, I'll try and do better but you make it hard with no subscription service - is the new run of Batgirl. The first volume is called Batgirl, Volume One: Batgirl of Burnside. And the way social media and technology in general is used in this comic is the main reason I wanted to pick it up. Some people have been shitting on it for that - but it's, I feel like, something I could see easily happening to a young girl whose a superhero and trying to her, failing at points and succeeding at others. It's fast-paced and interesting and I really liked the main character, Barbara.

I'm enjoying writing up these posts and hope to do some more posts with just some general recommendations. I'm not an expert, not by a long shot, but I'm finally in a space where I feel like I'm not an impostor when I"m giving out recommendations/suggestions

 If you have - or are planning to - read any of these, I'd love to hear about it. And if you are going to go and read them, report back your thoughts, I'd love to hear them! Also, if you already started - where did you start?

Comics | How I Got There Through Manga
Comics | My Pull List (9/15)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Book Review: Mr. Mercedes (Bill Hodges Trilogy #1)

Title: Mr Mercedes (Bill Hodges Trilogy #1)
Author: Stephen King
Genre: Mystery/Thriller (detective/crime)
Rating: 3/5
Page Count: 436
Publication Date: June 3rd, 2014

Plot: (from Goodreads)
In the frigid pre-dawn hours, in a distressed Midwestern city, hundreds of desperate unemployed folks are lined up for a spot at a job fair. Without warning, a lone driver plows through the crowd in a stolen Mercedes, running over the innocent, backing up, and charging again. Eight people are killed; fifteen are wounded. The killer escapes.

In another part of town, months later, a retired cop named Bill Hodges is still haunted by the unsolved crime. When he gets a crazed letter from someone who self-identifies as the "perk" and threatens an even more diabolical attack, Hodges wakes up from his depressed and vacant retirement, hell-bent on preventing another tragedy.

Brady Hartfield lives with his alcoholic mother in the house where he was born. He loved the feel of death under the wheels of the Mercedes, and he wants that rush again.

Only Bill Hodges, with a couple of highly unlikely allies, can apprehend the killer before he strikes again. And they have no time to lose, because Brady’s next mission, if it succeeds, will kill or maim thousands.

Mr. Mercedes is a war between good and evil, from the master of suspense whose insight into the mind of this obsessed, insane killer is chilling and unforgettable.

This book was... good, but just good not great or amazing. And I think the fact that it was just a plain solid detective thriller novel kind of disappointed me, maybe because all of King's other novels, that are my favorite and I adore to pieces. First off, the main character was just plain annoying. I don't know what about him was annoying, but he was just so damn blah, so plain and typical. And some stuff just rubbed me the wrong way.

This next paragraph has some plot spoilers, but it's a well used plot device, after this paragraph, we will get back to spoiler free review. SPOILER There was one particular thing that rubbed me the wrong way - and it was the use of female characters pain and such to enflame the male, make him want to fight, all that man pain. One of the worst tropes in the world in my opinion and I should of expected it but I thought something new and fun would happen. Nope. END SPOILER WARNING

One of the more interesting parts of this book is that you get to hear from the killer, the whole book you're aware of who the kill was, which definitely kills the suspense a bit. And it was interesting at first, and then it just gets of uncomfortable and then just sad, just plain sad. I didn't even feel anything for the guy but just pity.

The one really fantastic thing about this book, though I did like the writing for the most part, was the side characters. There's two characters who end up kind of being Bill's sidekicks and they're both intelligent and sharp and different, and I really enjoyed them.

Overall - if you want this kind of book, this is a good one. If you want a King book, not so much. (Side note that is shallow as hell: the cover is gorgeous. It's so creepy and awesome looking).

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Comics | My Pull List (9/15)

I do have a local comic book shop and I am ashamed at how little I actually go to it. And there are actual reasons for it - it's tiny and slightly creepy from the outside because of it's location, but the people are super nice and such - but the main, slightly shameful reason, is because of two places: Midtown Comics and Amazon. I'm not that shamed about the MidtownComics part - where I get my pull list, which we'll get to in a minute - but I am kind of ashamed of the Amazon part. Either way - this post is about my pull list, not my Amazon shame.

So my pull list. When I get it changes depending on my reading mood - and what is actually actively coming out from said pull list - but currently I'm bi-weekly which means every two weeks in this case. It'd probably be better, and save on shipping, to just get it once a month but I like getting it bi-weekly so for now it's going to stay. (Cheapest shipping is a few dollars and since I'm not far from NY, it normally only takes 3 days).

I started this post a few months ago and it use to say here - it's not that long, pretty heavy on Image - and while the Image part stays true, I love a lot of what they do, the not that long part has completely gone out the window. I'm planning on writing up a post about single issues versus trades, but this is just all pull list. And, considering how long I just realized my pull list is, I'm not longer surprised I'm always a little behind (and am so far behind on some I could probably switch to trades easily).

We're going to go by publisher and I'm just going to list titles, no author/artist, just titles. First off, Dark Horse: Lady Killer (I was for the first trade so I can read it). And then DC, for right now the only one is Black Canary (which is so good).

And then there's Image and Marvel. We're going to start with Image and then, currently, my marvel stuff is secret was (obviously), so I guess I should do an update in a few months on this. Either way, Image: Autumnlands: Tooth and Claw, Birthright, Bitch Planet, Descender, Dying and the Dead, East of West, Empty Zone, Injection, Kaptara, Mythic, Nameless, Ody-C, Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl, RunLoveKill, Sex Criminals, Surface, The Wicked and the Divine, Wayward, Wolf, Wytches. 

Whew, Image is hefty for me. Marvel: Hawkeye/All-New Hawkeye, Secret Wars, Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos (haven't actually gotten to read this yet but I'm excited. And behind on all things secret wars, so behind), Planet Hulk (read it), Thors, Civil War.

I'm so glad I didn't bullet point those, because it looks about ten times longer that way. So obviously I have falling head first into comics, it's been over a year now since I started really getting into comics. And, on one hand, I'm really glad I did and I love them, but on the other hand - single issues everywhere, so behind.

So that is my pull list in all it's glory - if you read single issues, let me know what's on your list. Or if you're loving something that isn't on mine, I'm always up for recommendations.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Tackle Your TBR | Updates (14th - 20th)

It is Tackle Your TBR time! Wishful Ending's annual read-a-thon - the sign up post here(you can sign up through the 23rd). I'm planning on splitting up my updates into two posts, one for each week, mostly just the post doesn't get too long and weekly wrap ups.

My goals are pretty vague - I'm also participating in Bookish September (is being run by a booktuber and there's also instagram challenges, some bookish fun mostly), and also a seasonal Bookish Bingo (both links to my posts). I'm mentioning both because there are challenges for the first, and the second one is pretty much just challenges, so I'd like to complete the remaining ones I have left for Bookish September and then get a bingo or two.

I don't really have any strict goals besides that. I'm probably going to just make a stack of books and try and work my way through it. If I do end up making a pile, I might do what I did for Bout of Books and make a list, crossing them off as I go (though, I doubt I'll be able to do as good / be able to stick to anything that well ever again).


Number of books I've read today: 1
Pages read: 240
Time Spent Reading: 2 hours
A Curious Tale of the In-Between by Lauren DeStefano (started and finished - 240 pages)

I meant to get a bunch of reading done today because I've got plans mid week and no idea how next week is going to go reading while, but somehow it ended up being 5pm before I realized it. And then I just ended up picking up that book, reading it in one sitting, and then getting distracted again. I'm hoping to read more tomorrow, the only other day I know for sure is completely free this week. Should also do some book organizing but we shall see how it goes.

Number of books I've read today: 1
Total # of books I've read: 2
Pages read: 291
Total # of pages: 531 
Time Spent Reading: 2 hour, 45 minutes
Total Time Spent Reading:  3 hours, 45 minutes
The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien (continues - 45 pages)
Lady Killer, Volume One by Joëlle Jones, Jamie S. Rich (started and finished - 138 pages)
Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between by Jennifer E. Smith (started - 108 pages)

I got a lot of things done today, and only a small part of it was reading, but I did get some reading done. Lady Killer, vol 1 was released today and I preodered it - and it might of been better then I expected and I was really freaking excited for it. (Also got The Marvel in the mail, which hoping to read this week or next, very soon).

I started The Things They Carried before this started, but didn't want to set it aside like I normally do for read-a-thons simply because I didn't want to fall that out it, and was less then 40 pages into it. Really, really enjoying it, though.

A lot of stuff came out September 1st, but it felt like twice as much came out today (it probably just seemed like it, but goodness). Pick up anything good? I'm curious, let me know!

Number of books I've read today: 0
Total # of books I've read: 2
Pages read: 462
Total # of pages: 1,024 
Time Spent Reading: (about) 2 hours, 30 minutes
Total Time Spent Reading: 6 hours, 15 minutes
The Marvels by Brian Selznick (started - 462 pages)
The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien (continues - 31 pages)

First off - I'm still just really loving The Things They Carried, something has just clicked but I also don't want to just sit down and read it in one go. I don't want it to be over.

I kind of accidentally started The Marvels today, I knew I wouldn't have time to finish it but i accentally started flipping through it and then, beofre I knew it, I was to the first page that's full text (which isn't until almost page 400, like 392 or something on my memory) - it's freaking incredible so far and I hope I can finish it tomorrow. It's just, i can't even words about it, but I'm loving it and it's making me want to reread his previous two books.

Today was rough, though, just a not good day (not feeling good always just makes me want to lay on the floor and do nothing), but reading definitely helped for most of it. Helped me get out of my own and just the act of slowing down to read, eased everything a little. Reading is cool.

How's your week going? Reading anything good?

Did not get around to reading anything because I felt awful for a good part of the day and still had other things to do, so beside the time I had moments to read, I mostly just kind of fell asleep early.

Number of books I've read today: 1
Total # of books I've read: 3
Pages read: 178
Total # of pages: 1,202 
Time Spent Reading:, 1 hours, 30 minutes
Total Time Spent Reading: 7 hours, 45 minutes
The Marvels by Brian Selznick (finished - 178 pages)

I've loved both of what I've read by Selznick before - Hugo Cabret and Wonderstruck - and so I shouldn't surprised at how much I just plain adored The Marvels - will gush about more in my weekly wrap up on Monday.

Feel free to let me know how your week is going? Reading wise, life wise.

Number of books I've read today: 0
Total # of books I've read: 3
Pages read: 53
Total # of pages: 1,255
Time Spent Reading: 20 minutes
Total Time Spent Reading: 8 hours, 5 minutes
Injection #5 by Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey (started and finished - 30 pages)
Planet Hulk #5 by Sam Humphries (started and finished - 23 pages)

I ended up getting a lot less reading done then I expected because one of my neighbors and I had a mini doctor who party? Super last minute, but I actually had fun watching Doctor Who, so that was good!

Either way - hopefully i'll get more reading done tomorrow. I have to wake up super early to let people into my building for paint-y things, so we will see how this goes. If not tomorrow, hopefully monday, because after that will be insanity.

Another day of no reading, just because there was so much going on today. And, by the time I would of been able to sit down and read, I was too exhausted to even really try, wouldn't of been able to focus for the life of me.

But, tomorrow is another day, hopefully I can get some reading done. I'm hoping to not get onto my computer until later in the day, maybe not until evening (someone hold me to that).

After this, the Tackle Your TBR is still going on for another week, so there will be another post up (which I'll link here when it's live) that'll be talking about my continued progress, not resetting anything, of course. Let me know if you're participating, of course, and where I can find your updates!

September 14th | Weekly Wrap Up #22

A weekly wrap up! Getting back into swing of things, and I think I'm going to do this only every week if I have a lot to talk about, and maybe every two weeks if I don't - but I'm glad to back doing them, regardless.

It was a weird two weeks, but I got some videos up on YouTube (both parts of my August wrap up are in my blog post the September TBR one is in the September TBR post)

Reading: (finished this week and actively currently-reading)
Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King (3/5)
This might be the first classic werewolf monster story I've read - I know, considering how much werewolf stuff I've read - and I just felt kind of eh about it. I guess I expect probably too much from King books, and it definitely had elements (the characters were surprisingly well developed for so few pages), but overall it was just - fine, okay, the illustrations were also just okay.

Uprooted by Naomi Novik (4/5)
On one hand, I loved this book - the world, the characters, the writing, how it kind of had some lines i just loved. But it wasn't perfect and I had problems with it and there were points that dragged for me. I think I said 'boring' somewhere, but that isn't exactly the right wording, it just was kind of eh then. Either way - I'd still highly recommend this book.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue (The Raven Cycle #3) by Maggie Stiefvater (5/5)
I'm caught up on this series and what do I do with my life now? I love these books so much - I'm just in love with them, have been since the first one. I don't know what it is but it's just all encompasing and I'm fully aware I can't be objective about them. I love the characters, the writing, the world, the plot. All of the things in this book are so good, and exactly what I want. And I can see where it isn't for some people, I get it, but I'd highly suggest reading the first one, giving it a chance. People say it's confusing but I haven't been confused by any of the books, just go with it.

War-Fix by David Axe, Steven Olexa  (2/5)
I don't know how I feel about this, really. I picked it up on a whim for a few dollars, also to have a book I knew nothing about, and it looked interesting. But something about it was just off for me, even though it was very interesting. I can't even put my thoughts together about how I feel about this one.

Injection #4 by Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey (5/5)
I feel like I'm starting to get a grasp on this series, understanding it more even though there's still a ton of unanswered questions. And I'm just loving it so damn much. I made a good decision picking this one up, pretty much for the title and then Ellis.

Descender #6 by Jeff Lemire, Dustin Nguyen (4/5)
Enjoying still, definitely a series to check out (I think the first trade should be due out soon, for you not single issuers).

Black Canary #3 by Brenden Fletcher, Annie Wu (4/5)
Why do I love this series so much? Because I want to be Dinah? Possibly, possibly. Definitely want her clothes, pretty much have her hair (sans fringe).

Wolf #2 by Ales Kot, Matt Taylor (4/5)
This one was not as action packed, what the hell I love it as the first one was, but I still really enjoyed it. And the world seems super interesting and cannot wait to read more.

Justice Calling by Annie Bellet (2/5)
Eh. It was better at first, but still not great, and by the end of it I was just kind of like bleh. The world seemed interesting, but for some reason it just fell really short for me. It was free, though, so I'm not too upset about that.

I meant to start and finish a few things this weekend, but it ended up being more crazy then I expected - there was a wizard rock house party/show. And then I ended up getting my last bookshelf moved into my apartment, hopefully the last of the books will follow. Currently reading The Things They Carried and Stonewall - ah, how slow I read non-fiction. Hoping to finish both this month, but probably not this week.

Stuff (music/videos/links/nonsense):
It's been a while since I've done one of these, so I don't even know what to put here. Well, I've been listening to Halsey's album BADLANDS on repeat for the past week and a half, maybe more. That's a thing.

Also found this really cool YouTube channel recently that does old timey covers of songs (favorite one).

YouTube videos: Bookish Pet Peeves, Markiplier Reacts to Teens React to Markiplier, Making of the Welcome to Night Vale audiobook, A Week of Videos: Overcoming Creative Apathy, #bookishseptember is here!!

I think since I've done one of these Book Riot has launched a podcast I adore called All The Books! which is about the weeks new book releases, highlighting four (sometimes more, chatting about books). (Also they've now launched their recommendation show which I totally forgot about until I want to go grab the link for this, it launched yesterday as I'm writing this, but this past Thursday for you guys - Get Booked).

On the blog: