Monday, August 24, 2015

Bout of Book 14 | Weekly Wrap Up #21

It was Bout of Books 14 this past week and, like always, I had a lot of fun keeping up with what everyone was up to and barely really seeing much besides social media updates because I was just reading so much myself, which was a surprise to me. I put a large stack of books together for this week and was planning to do what I do for Dewey's - just pick and choose from it, mostly so I'm not walking looking all the books and I own, and mostly because it's just kind of fun.

And then, about the end of the first day I had this stupid crazy thought: maybe I could read all the books in my stack. And I should know myself better and remember to just throw in the towel and realize that's happening as soon as I think it. I might say I'm not competitive, but I am, mostly as long as it's against myself (I mean there was no one else going to finish the stack of books before me, right? But, man, do I feel good having done and having them all stacked next me done and read).

I think the strangest thing about this whole week, for me - besides reading so much after months of reading a small bit of this a month - is that I actually stuck to the pile. I worked my way through the pile until the end, I stuck to a TBR. I'm not sure that that has ever actually happened before, but it was kind of amazing. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to do it again, but I'd like to, it takes the guess work out of everything a little and that can be nice.

Anyway, now we're going to get onto what I read - page count, word count, physically read. I was keeping track of the time I spent reading, but that kind of fell off towards the end. I do have a good estimate, though.(At the beginning I was keeping up with it pretty good, even Saturday I think I got the times pretty exact, but that last day it would feel like it was taking forever and only an hour had past, still, I'm estimating a little high just because of that).

26 hours, 10 minutes.

Also I read a total of 3,451 pages. I also read a total of 12 books with 7 of them being book books (novels and such) and 5 being trades/graphic novels. Which, all in all, I'm very pleased with. I also read two single issue but I didn't count them in with anything but the pages, and maybe the time, but they're quick reads.

And onto the books themselves:

  • Planet Hulk #4 by Sam Humphries, Marc Laming
  • Cold Kiss (Cold Kiss #1) by Amy Garvey 
  • You're Never Weird on the Internet (almost) by Felicia Day
  • Mythic #2 by Phil Hester, John McCrea
  • March: Book Two by John Lewis 
  • Runaways: The Complete Collection, Volume by Brian K. Vaughn, Adrian Alphana, Takeshi Miyazawa
  • Glass Heart (Cold Kiss #2) by Amy Garvey
  • Black Widow, Volume 1: The Finely Woven Thread by Nathan Edmonson, Phil Noto 
  • Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman
  • Black Widow, Volume 2: The Tightly Tangled Web by Nathan Edmonson, Phil Noto
  • Phonogram: Rue Britannia by Kiernon Gillen, Jamie McKelvie
  • The Saint (The White Years #1) by Tiffany Reisz
  • Shadowshaper by Daniel José Older
  • Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King
And I think that about wraps up my wrap up of the read-a-thon and week! What did you read this week? How did you do for the read-a-thon for your personal goals? Favorite thing you read this week? Let me know!


  1. You kicked this BoB's butt Casey! Congrats!!!

    1. Thanks! I'm equal parts surprised and pleased. :)