Monday, August 29, 2016

Bout of Books 17 | Wrap Up

This wasn't the best week of reading for me but considering how hectic it was, I'm okay with it, I guess. I ended up finished 5 books and starting 2 others. And 2 of them I read in the last two days of the readathon when I got my reading mojo back a little, which was nice.

Part of it was all the busy but another part of it was I finished a series and just needed a little breather, I think. I mean, it was a series I was relieved to finally be done with, for more then one reason, but it as still the end of a series (goodbye, Sookie Stackhouse, but it fun. Most of the time).

Overall it was a good week and it was tons of fun to participate in the chats - I got to take part in both and I thought I was going to miss the second but ended up I didn't. And the chats are one of my favorite parts of the readathon, everyones just so damn awesome.

Anyway, let's do stats and books and then I'll give mini reviews on each (grouping the last few of the series I finished together).

Books Completed: 5
Total Pages Read: 1,472
Total Time Spent Reading: 19 hours, 21 minutes

Books Finished:
Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse #11) by Charlaine Harris
Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse #12) by Charlaine Harris
Dead Ever After (Sookie Stackhouse #13) by Charlaine Harris
The Foxhole Courts (All for the Game #1) by Nora Sakavic
The Raven King (All for the Game #2) by Nora Sakavic

Those are the 5 books I ended up finished I also started 3 others, but only got a tiny bit into all of them so I'll talk about them at a later date. First I started the readathon off by finished the Sookie Stackhouse series. For some reason, around the end of July, I got the motivation to read over and then finish the series - rereading because I barely remembered what happened at all in the series besides random scenes (none of which were major plot points).

I'd always wanted to finish the series - I really loved reading them when I first did. And I knew I'd enjoy them less now, and I did, but they're still fun. Mostly what annoyed me the most was the glaring editing errors. For example: Sookie learning thing at the end of one book and then learning it again for the first time in the beginning of the next book. I was just like: ????. Overall, though, they're fun and I am so glad to have finally read the last two books and be done with this series. (Though the last book was kind of meh, it didn't wrap it up enough in my opinion).

The next thing I was finished was The Foxhole Court and the sequel, The Raven King, and I've got to tell you I loved them both. At the very beginning I thought of checkplease! (a webcomic you need to check out) but that is mostly light and happy. This is dark, very dark, and I just really love me some dark. There's Andrew who is a tiny psychotic puppy (okay, that might just be what I call him in my head, but I think it every time the author mentions how short he is). And our main character Neil - and the whole team in: Nicky, Aaron, Matt, Dan, Allison, Renee.

It's dark as hell - trigger warnings for violence, rape, torture, probably everything I've only read through the first two - but it's also really good? I really like all the characters and I have no idea where the series is going to go now that I'm 9% into the third, and final, book. And that's the way I like it.

Let me know how you did this Bout of Books - comment or leave me the link to your own wrap up - and also let me know if you've got thoughts on any of theses books.

Happy reading!


  1. For needing a little breather that's still an awesome page count and number of books to finish! You can see my wrap-up here.

  2. I think you had a pretty awesome Bout of Books. It was interesting to hear your thoughts about the final part of the Sookie Stackhouse series (I'm not a big fan of the final book either) and two thirds of the All For the Game trilogy (it is quite dark, and you've made me think I should go back and edit my reviews to mention this, but soooo enjoyable).