Friday, July 29, 2016

#7in7Readathon | (Another one? Yes)

And another readathon - that seems booktube/twitter based - but I like putting things here, I feel like it makes it neater. Anyway, I feel like this read-a-thon is pretty self explanatory - trying to read 7 books in 7 days. Currently I think my plan is just to try and knock off the rest of my Sookie Stackhouse reread and finally read the last two books in the damn series (three? I don't remember where I stopped honestly I think I just haven't read the last two, but it's been so long I only remember bits and pieces).

This readathon is running from July 31st (happy birthday, harry) to August 6th! Different then a usual Monday to Sunday but I can start a day sooner so who really cares (avoiding everything with books, hello that is me right now) (stress, stress, stress).

The announcement video is here with any information you could need but that's the basics - 7 books, 7 days; July 31st to August 6th, youtube/twitter (probably also instagram?). Oh and the hashtag in the title of this post is the hashtag that's apparently being used, I'll probably also be using simply #7in7.

As for my TBR, I think I kind of already spoiled it? Sookie Stackhouse books and then probably the two Fruits Basket, Collectors Editions I have, maybe I'll throw in some graphic novels or single issues (I haven't been reading single issues because they're a mess, I need to organize them all).

If you're joining let me know - in the comments here or just on twitter - and either way I hope you have a great (reading) week!

Announcement video


  1. Thanks for sharing this info. I'm down. Industry found out I don't have some of the events I had scheduled for next week so I'll probably be able to read a lot next week.
    I'm going to follow you here too

  2. Yeah of course, I always try to post when there's a readathon about to/starting because who doesn't like a readathon?
    And thank you so much!