Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Where have I been? And where is this going? | Hello, again

Hello! I have no idea if anyone even reads this anymore, but I really enjoy writing the posts so I hope to keep doing it - even if, sometimes, I need a few months off.

First off: where have I been?

Well, lurking, but also basically: sick. I don't want to get too much into it, because it's kind of personal, but I started a new medicine and side effects and then had to switch to a different one and - anyway, hopefully the one I'm currently on ends up being the right one. (*knocks on wood*)

And, so, since I've been sick I haven't been reading a whole lot and I haven't been feeling super up to blogging. Honestly, I haven't been feeling super up to anything until recently and even then I was a little worried my body would decide NOPE.

I wrote up, but didn't end up proofing and therefore posting, my normal beginning of the year posts (I also had apartment guests again, friends visiting for New Years is my new favorite tradition, honestly. I'm pretty sure we're planning on making it a thing. It sucks when your friends don't like close).

Where is this going?

This being this blog, of course. I've been writing on it for so long I don't think I'll ever really stop, feels to weird to ever thing to fully stop blogging. I like going back and reading things, especially since my memory is so terrible.

It's definitely going to stay primarily a book blog, but I've been thinking (for probably years now, honestly) of putting up more then just book reviews, wrap ups, such. I really want to do other book posts - TBR spotlights, maybe? I have so many books I want to read - but also posts that aren't so book related. Personal posts, maybe movie/TV reviews, even podcast related discussion/posts. I want to do more discussions in general but they take so much brain power and I don't normally have enough spoons to write them - hopefully I might have more now with new meds, we shall see, I guess.

Basically - I want to get back into this thing and more then just book related. I really like blogging, and I'd also like to get back into vlogging, but I'd never ditch one for the other. They feel linked to me? I'll figure out my own brain at some point.

Basically: I wasn't feeling so hot but I'm back now. Hopefully. And, also hopefully, my first post after this will be my 2016 wrap up/favorites and then 2017 goals - I'm still super excited about #DiversityBingo2017 even though I've only read a few things so far because sick.

I'm planning on taking part in Dewey's, like always, and BoB in May. Readathons and such are my jam. Let me know how you've been - personally or book wise, even blog wise. (Also if you're going to be participating in Dewey's so I can pop over and cheer you on!)

Happy Reading!

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