Friday, October 13, 2017

Readathon | House Cup + Dewey's 24 hour

First off: The Hogwarts House Cup Reading Challenge. This is such a great idea, I think you're all aware of how much I love Harry Potter, but also - house points, and not all strict reading goals. Like the 7 years are free choices, which I love because mood reader. And, of course, you have to report to your head girl, I believe they're all girls. All of the heads of house are the co-hosts, of course, there's 4 hosts for this readathon and I just love that idea. Basically I'm all about this readathon.

Anyway - I'm a Ravenclaw, if you didn't know, and will definitely be trying to get some house points for the house because I can be a tad competitive.

Also it lasts for about a month. Starting October 15th and going until the 12th of November. (A Sunday - Sunday deal, which I do enjoy). I will be out of town for like two weeks of this readathon, maybe three, so that will be interesting but it's more visit friends then vacation/travel and I'm sure there will be reading time just not sure how much reading time.

And now there's a little sign up questionnaire to answer.

Hogwarts Student Questionnaire
Name: Casey Cassidy
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Wand Type: I forget the wood but dragon heart string core
Pet: Owl
Favorite Subject: Defense Against the Dart Arts
Favorite Professor: McGonigal

And now - Dewey's. I almost always participate in Dewey's 24 hours readathon. A 24 hour readathon, that starts in the same time in every time zone so everyone's reading together. It's one of my fav parts about it. I normally don't stay up for all the house - because I need sleep if I can get it - but I do try and read as much as possible.

This round takes place on 21st of October, and it starts at 8am Eastern Time. About page, time zone page, sign up post.

I normally do a post for Dewey's and update every few hours, so I'll probably be doing that - even though I shouldn't even do it, because I leave for chicago less then a week later but whatever. And, also, this is going up Friday the 13th and tomorrow is a social media 24 hour readathon being run by a booktuber - #readathonbyzoe is the hashtag if you want to check that out. I'll probably be actually reading something tomorrow for that, I haven't had much time recently and especially not the last few days.

Happy Reading! As always, let me know if you're participating in any of these readathons, or any I might not of heard of.


  1. I'm also joining the House Cup reading challenge. Wishing you the best of luck for both the challenge & read-a-thon.

    Happy readings! ;)
    Tânia @MyLovelySecret

    Book Monsters

  2. Good luck. There are a lot of Ravenclaw members in this challenge.

    1. Really? Well - Ravenclaws and books do get along rather well. :D

  3. Good luck. There are a lot of Ravenclaw members in this challenge.