Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4th | Weekly Wrap Up #18

So reading went well this week, in my opinion. I stalled out a bit at the end of the week, but I was going strong at the beginning. And will pick up again, mostly because pollen and eye strain (why, trees, why?). And, without further rambling this week - the books.

Reading: (finished this week and actively currently-reading)
Sex and Violence by Carrie Mesrobian (2/5)
I don't know what it was, it was fine, I guess, but I definitely expected much more from it. More actually dealing with the issues instead of just ignoring it all? I was just mildly annoyed with all the characters for about 75%, probably more, of the book.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz (3.5/5)
I just don't know what it was - but I think this book was too hyped up for me. And the writing was beautiful, but I just didn't really connect with Ari until 2/3rds through the book, and considering he's the main character that isn't good. I just didn't - care, I guess? I don't know, I guess this one missed me, or I missed it. I know people have been raving about it since it came out.

Not Otherwise Specified by Hannah Moskowitz (5/5)
There is some normal YA expected choices made - but on the other hand I just really loved this book. I loved the characters, especially the main girl, I just really connected with her. And I felt like it dealt with the eating disorder part and the fact that she's bisexual, not gay, very well. Highly recommended, teenage drama forgiven.

Wayward #7 by Jim Zub, Steve Cummings (5/5)
I think I've spewed love enough for this comics series, but maybe not - it's fucking incredible. The story is fresh and interesting with heavy Japanese myth elements (the single issues have essays in the back related to stuff in the single issues, which is awesome). Also - completely gorgeous. The art, the coloring (shout out to Tamra Bonvillain for that, she's obviously incredible).

Kaptara #1 by Chip Zdarsky, Kagan McLeod (4/5)
I wasn't sure what to expect for this - I just kind of knew: Zdarsky, space, pretty colors on the cover. And I was really surprised, and I'm really interested in what's to come next. Characters/world are interesting, the colors are fucking gorgeous. Definitely keeping on my pull list.

How I Store my Unread Books - obligatory Book Riot related thing. I mean obviously. (So much good stuff on their YT and website).

There isn't a lot here, purely because I spent most of the week writing, reading, watching streams (and lets plays) of games, and playing games.

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