Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just a Hello.

So this is a blog made for book reviews. Hello, I'm Casey, I'll be posting book-like THINGS here. Containing book recommendations and possibly giveaways when we get to a certain number of followers, or something. Also, we might be vlogging about said books. Sometimes there might be a lack of blogs, if we have finals or we're away, but on other times there might be more then 1 post a day. It's going to be very laid back, especially at first. Maybe later we'll have a schedule.

And by 'we're,' I mean, there is going to be more then just me. You see, I am boring. But I do like books. And so does my friend Haley who will be joining me in this book blogging and possibly vlogging fun. We shall see how this goes.

Here are some links to find us:



And there is a YouTube channel connected to this, that we aren't sure what we'll do with yet, but here:

And if you go "I wonder if Casey/Haley is on *insert random social media*" Probably. Just search the username.

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