Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Book: Stardust
Author: Neil Gaiman
Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Rating: B


This story starts off in the small city of Wall. Tristan Thorn lived in wall all his life. One night Tristan and the women he fancied, Veronica were taking a stroll when a star fell from the sky. Veronica said that if Tristan received the exact star that she would give him anything his heart desired. Thought to get this star he would have to cross over the wall that stands between his normal suburban life and the land of Faerie. On this journey, he is not the only person searching for the star, which leads to many problems.



I did see the movie first and then read the book so my review might be slightly biased.

When Neil Gaiman wrote this book it was obvious he was trying to make a fantasy fairy tale for adults and show them anyone can enjoy fantasy. Because he did this I found this book shifting between adult and children. For one you have the cute little tale of the boy, Tristan, going to win the affection of his true love then you have very disturbing images like when the Witch cut apart the unicorn. There are also a few sex scenes, which in a fairy tale you just don't expect to be reading about how the main character was conceived.

While some parts of the story I found obvious there was also the quick and surprising action scenes that I really did enjoy. Like when the Star ends up at the inn with Primus. I also really enjoyed the character development between the Star and Tristan. Their constant banter gave the book the humor relief it needed.

The land of Faerie was describing beautifully and for a minute you really do believe a land like this could exist somewhere. The way the market was described and how they went into detail about the things being sold there really just made me want to go. I wouldn't mind owning a glass flower or a bottle of dreams. A coat of night would also be pretty cool.

The one thing that really changed this rating from an A to a B was the characters. You will find this out very quickly but when I read a book I need to be attached to a character. I need to care about where they are and what happens to them. In this book i didn't feel that for any of the characters. Tristan slightly annoyed me at times and the Star never really stood up for herself and what she wanted. She also doesn't really have a name until almost the end of the book.

Overall, I really would suggest this for a teen audience (as long as you don't mind sex scenes) and for anyone that loves fantasy and learning about a new land. Also you must like adventure a lot of this book is Tristan traveling, but traveling also means new people. So there are a lot of characters to go around. Stardust is magical and intriguing, a really great read.

-- Haley
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  1. I can't remember whether I read the book, or saw the movie first. Anyway, I love this story so much, it is one of my favourites :)
    Nice review, btw :)

    And I'm a new follower.

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