Sunday, August 2, 2015

I'm Back | And Not Just Here

Hello! I've missed this and everyone so much, I'm so glad to be back. I'm not 100% moved in, I have too many books to be there yet, but it's become less stressful. Of course, my mom is also moving so that'll be stressful but I feel more settled with my own space and things on shelves instead of in boxes

You might be wondering what that not just here means in the title. What it means is that I've started YouTubing again! And will hopefully also be booktubing along with that (I mean obviously, books are a big part of my life and what I want to talk about all the time). That definitely doesn't mean I'm giving up on you guys. I love it here, and the blogging community is fantastic, but I was a part of the YouTube community before there even was a book part of it (at least one I found that was just focused on books). I'm glad to finally be getting back to it, if you want to check out my first video you can here.

What does that mean, though? For here and for there? Well, I don't really know yet. I'm definitely going to still be doing posts, especially if I can't find the time to film, the light, or just plain don't feel comfortable with it (which I don't some days. Or can't talk right, which is what editing is for but sometimes it's a bit much).

I'm not sure on a schedule quite yet, but I'm excited about what this all means. The BookTube side of YouTube does have a read-a-thon coming up that I want to participate in (coming up as in it's tomorrow when this goes up). I've filmed a TBR video that'll hopefully also be up today and I'm planning on posting something tomorrow about it. Also, I hope to have my June/July wrap up going up soon, I was considering filming a wrap up for the July part, but it's all up in the air in the moment, I've got to figure it out.

Either way - I am back! In more ways then one. And I'm excited to try and get caught up on what everyones doing and seeing what's going on with everyone. Let me know what you've been up to in the comments if you're so inclined, I want to know. Also what you've been reading.

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