Sunday, March 10, 2013

Book Review: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Book: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy #2)
Author: Douglas Adams
Genre: Humor, SciFi/Fantasy
Rating: 5/5
Page Count: 256
Favorite Character: Probably Marvin. I mean, I adore the other four as well, but Marvin is just perfect with all his comments.

Plot: (From Goodreads)

Facing annihilation at the hands of the warlike Vogons is a curious time to have a craving for tea. It could only happen to the cosmically displaced Arthur Dent and his curious comrades in arms as they hurtle across space powered by pure improbabilityband desperately in search of a place to eat.
Among Arthur's motley shipmates are Ford Prefect, a longtime friend and expert contributor to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; Zaphod Beeblebrox, the three-armed, two-headed ex-president of the galaxy; Tricia McMillan, a fellow Earth refugee who's gone native (her name is Trillian now); and Marvin, the moody android who suffers nothing and no one very gladly. Their destination? The ultimate hot spot for an evening of apocalyptic entertainment and fine dining, where the food (literally) speaks for itself.
Will they make it? The answer: hard to say. But bear in mind that the Hitchhiker's Guide deleted the term "Future Perfect" from its pages, since it was discovered not to be!
"What's such fun is how amusing the galaxy looks through Adams' sardonically silly eyes."

I really loved this book. I mean, I really liked Hitchhiker's Guide, too. This one wasn't better, exactly, but I could appreciate it more because I was expecting it more, I guess. I knew what would be involved and I adored it even more.

I don't know why I like this series as much as I do, maybe because I do read a lot of heavy books and humor books or just some fluff is always nice, humor, though, is amazing. So in this one, they go to the Restaurant at the end of the Universe and I loved how it was explained and how, if you thought about it, it made no sense. But, then again, nothing really makes sense in these, does it?

Everyone was up to par, no one seemed out of character to me, and I loved how it all happened. Ford, Zaphod, Trillian, and, of course, Arthur are all just hilarious and possibly insane, in the best way possible.

This is definitely what to pick up if you're looking for something completely hilarious and frequently insane.

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