Thursday, February 27, 2014

Books Reread in 2014

I am doing the thing, I'll be adding to this list through the year (hopefully consistently if I remember to). And it's pretty straight forward, just a lost of the books I've reread through 2014, with slight thoughts about them and information and stuff. It might not be interesting to you, the thoughts part or any of it, but - I still wanted to put it up.

There may be spoilers ahead for these books, but I do try to keep everything vague, it gets harder if a book is farther in a series. Anyway, without further rambling from me, the list:

The Laughing Corpse (Anita Black #2) by Laurell K. Hamilton [I reread the first book in this series at the end of 2013, and was surprised reading about that Anita again, shocked really. So much has changed and it was a fun reminder]

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1) by Cassandra Clare [I read this book, this series really - well what was suppose to be the complete TMI series and I had to wait for the goddamn third book - way back in middle school. We all loved it, but rereading it now. It is good, and I can see where younger me fell in love with it, but now - now some of it erks me or just annoys me outright, even if I'm laughing at some of the snarky or stupid dialogue. It was - good, okay, but not what I remember].

City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments #2) by Cassandra Clare [Pretty much the same feelings as the first, I think this one was better, though. Still had problems with it. And I want to know more about Magnus and Alec's relationship then I really care about any of the others, just because it sounds like there would be so many complications, so much hardship. Also I'm sure Magnus, having a lot of past, has to be kind of messed up. And it's not like Alec is well adjusted].

Disney After Dark (Kingdom Keepers #1) by Ridley Pearson [I love this series. This book is definirely the weirdest. And I can see so many problems with it, so many, but I wasn't focused on them. I was more focused on how you could feel that magic from the parks through the page. I'm not a huge Disney fan, though my friend Haley is and she had worn off a little on me, but - because even though this stuff isn't happening at night (at least probably) the parks are still magically on a lot of levels].

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter #1) by J.K. Rowling [God, I haven't reread this one in a long time. I watch the movie randomly, especially if it's on ABC Family, but it's not the same as the books. And god is it good].

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter #2) by J.K. Rowling [I always say this is my least favorite book of the series and it might be because I want to strangle Lockhart. But I really enjoyed it this time around, so much].

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter #3) by J.K. Rowling [I'll be honest with you, I'm a Marauder fangirl. I've admitted it, accepted it, and never want to change it. When I started reading HP fanfiction, I went straight to Marauder era. Love those boys. So this book has kind of always held a sepecial place in my heart, this read through was no different. And I read a lot part out loud to my mom, from this book on I did in the HP series, and it's just so fantastic].

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter #4) by J.K. Rowling [Man, the ferret thing is in the movies, but not Ron's line after, how he says he wanted to preserve the memory, and then adds: "Draco Malfoy, the amazing bouncing ferret." And also how real this book is, it's darker and that scene with the Unforgivable Curses always get me, but it's just the beginning of the darker, isn't it?]

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter #5) by J.K. Rowling [Umbridge, you know, I think I loathe her more then Voldemort, not as much as Bellatrix because she's done a lot, Dolohov has done quite a bit too. But Umbridge is just so - argh. I noticed the twins more in this read through, god do I love those twins, and they're so good in all of them, but the scenes in this are so perfect. And the end is so, so raw, from that moment with the veil to Harry in Dumbledore's office and how he's just feeling, is so perfect and heartwrenching and incredible]

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter #6) by J.K. Rowling [I love this one, too. And I always kind of have. I really enjoyed learning more about what Voldemort had been like, how he kind of become an all powerful wizard who most people don't name out of fear. And I love the happenings in this book, the Quidditch team. Also all the Half-Blood Prince stuff is fantastic].

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter #7) by J.K. Rowling [Looking back, this is probably the one I reread the most recently, or it might of just stuck in my mind more. Probably because of all the pain. I am eh about the epilogue, it didn't need to be there is how I kind of felt. Also - all my favorite characters, almost, just dead. Ah well].

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