Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Top 5 Wednesday | Books I Want to See as Movies

I've never done this before, but it looks like a lot of fun. I wanted to try and do this in video form, but maybe next time. This week is books we'd like to see turned into movies. I'm only not going to count books if they have something substantial, a lot of books get optioned, some get people attached, but it's never full happening until it's in production. Either way, I think we're safe with this list.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
I love this book, I love this book to death. And I'd honestly be terrified going into a movie theater to see this, because I'd be terrified they'd get it wrong. And I almost think they would, unless the right people were attached. Anyway - I would want to see this done right, and if it was, it would be amazing.

Ubik by Philip K. Dick
Apparently this is in works to be a movie, which I didn't know until I just went to research to make sure it hadn't been made into one. This book was fantastic and complex and had a kind of ambiguous ending and I loved it, and really want to reread it even though I only read it about a year ago.

Kingdom Keeper's series by Ridley Pearson
There would be so many problems, probably, getting the rights to do this movie series, but I think a ton of people would want to see it. I've talked about this series before. It's about a group of kids who ends up finding themselves in Disney whenever they go to sleep. The first books a little shaky, but they get steadily better and are filled with action and awesome.

Steelheart, The Rithmatist, The Emperor's Soul (or all of his books) by Brandon Sanderson
I haven't made my way through everything he's written yet, but I'm making headway. And he writes such rich worlds and such amazing characters, I'd be terrified but excited if they made his books, any of them, into movies. I don't know which I'd like more, honestly. A lot of people mentioned Vicious, which would be an awesome anti-hero movie, but Steelheart has some of those aspects and would be visually gorgeous at points, I think. The Rithmatist would be cool, though, too - with the chalklings.
Choices are hard.

IT or Duma Key by Stephen King
Okay, IT was made into a movie and i've watched it a few times, but - but it wasn't good. And they've been in talks and trying to remake the movie for years at this point, but it doesn't really seem like they're getting any closer (baby steps, baby steps). Duma Key would be - an odd mini-series I think, not a movie. And probably the first two would be odd and boring for people, maybe even the first three, but - I love this book and the characters. And visually? This would be completely gorgeous.

I kind of cheated on a couple of those, I admit, but I couldn't just pick one Brandon Sanderson book, because they'd all be so cool as movies. Anyway, this was started by a BookTuber called Laini at gingerreadslainey. And has been getting a lot more people doing it lately and it's really fun to watch the videos, so I hope you enjoyed this.

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