Monday, January 11, 2016

Bout of Books 15 | Weekly Wrap Up #28

First week of 2016 is over - how crazy is that? (Well, it's my first weekly wrap up of the year, almost two weeks into the new year, really, but whatever). I don't know how all of this time keeps passing, it astounds me, honestly. Anyway - Bout of Books 15 was this week (next one May! Yay!), and I didn't get as much reading done as I normally would, silly brain - also something else. However, overall, it was a productive fun week.

I got some 2015 favorite posts up, one more left to post, and then my resolutions will me up this week, too. I love getting a new year - getting to reset the counter to 0 and seeing how much I read. This year I've split my spreadsheet into three separate things so I can track everything easier - also so I can separate out the single issues. (Yes, spreadsheet, it's pretty great).

Reading: (finished this week and actively currently-reading)
The Grownup by Gillian Flynn (3/5)
I guess I just expected more from this, even though I was hearing mixed things. There's a specific thing that erked me a bit.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Volume 1: Squirrel Power by Ryan North, Erica Henderson (3/5)
I had really, really high hopes for this. And I think it was mainly the fact I just wasn't really feeling the humor in the moment, but I didn't fall in love with it like I expected to. (Also I might be a tad bitter about squirrels at the moment, considering the one that sometimes wakes me up at 5/6am, and tries to break into my apartment).

Ms. Marvel, Volume 4: Last Days by G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona (5/5)
I loved this, on the other hand. The tone was so good, and I was choked up for most of it. So damn good.

Summer of Surrender by Zara Stoneley (2/5)
This was fun. The characters kept my attention, but mostly it just just a lot of - eh. A lot of using the trope of characters immediately rethinking something as soon as they said it, in the changing POV way. And that's super annoying. It was cute, though.

Uhhhhh... I honestly don't know what to put here this week. Mostly I've been reading everyone's 2016 resolution posts and feeling super inspired, and not being able, for some reason, to do anything about it.

Also, I mentioned in my Bout of Books 15 update post, that I had a Star Wars marathon. So I guess I could talk about that. (No spoilers for The Force Awakens, I promise). Anyway, I'd never seen Star Wars and so my friend Haley and I were talking and - fast forward to the next day and we're sitting down to marathon all six movies before planning to go see The Force Awakens (her for like the 3rd time). (For those curious, we watches them - 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 6, 7).

Oh, I guess I could talk about bullet journaling. I've always been super interested in it, just because it always seemed like a super organized way to have everything. And every year I start over a new notebook to use for, mostly, daily to dos - but also other stuff. Currently, that seems to be what my bullet journal is, but it's damn useful. I'd fallen out of using the daily to do lists, and I forgot how useful they are.

What have you guys been up to? Reading and otherwise, let me know!

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