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January 18th | Weekly Wrap Up #29 (#24in48)

It was kind of hectic week, somehow, and I didn't get any reading done until the #24in48 readathon - update post, the website - but I got a surprising amount read in that time. I didn't end up reading the full 24 hours, but mostly because of my eyes, and I did end up reading quite a bit.

Reading: (finished this week and actively currently-reading)
Black Canary #6 by Brenden Fletcher, Annie Wu 
I don't really know what happened, but I am excited for what's next.

Captain America: White #5 by Jeph, Leob, Tim Sale (4/5)
I don't know why, since I've loved all the others, but this one kind of disappointed me a little?

Coffin Hill, Volume 1: Forest of the Night by Caitlin Kitteredge, Inaki Miranda (5/5)
A reread, but I honestly didn't remember any of this. So glad I decided to reread it and continue on with the series. It reminded me of Locke and Key in a few ways, mostly setting - old new england mansion, money, family. Ghosts. Creepy things - but all in the best ways, and it was also very different. And so damn good.

Coffin Hill, Volume 2: Dark Endeavors by Caitlin Kittredge, Inaki Miranda (4/5)
This one wasn't as good as good as the first, but I still enjoyed it.

The Wicked and the Divine #17 by Kieron Gillen, Brandon Graham (4/5)
The art for this was jarring for the first page, and then I got into it. And it was strange, interesting. I think when they come back after the hiatus, I'll reread the whole series.

Wayward #12 by Jim Zub, Steve Cummings (4/5)
What's going to happen next? This series continues to be steadily good, and steadily gorgeous as hell. Seriously, the colors are beautiful, and so are the essays in the back of the single issues.

Coffin Hill, Volume 3: Haunted Houses by Caitlin Kitteredge, Inaki Miranda (5/5)
Fantastic. Seriously, it was so damn good. I don't know what I was expecting from this series, but it wasn't this, and it was so good. I highly, highly recommend this series, sadly this was the end of it. Either way - highly recommended.

Restraint (Away We Go #2) by Charlotte Stein (2/5)
Interesting duology, but overall kind of meh. They're short and not badly written at all, but just lacking something, I guess.

A Gentleman in the Streets (Campbell Simblings #1) by Alisha Rai (4/5)
I picked this up on a complete whim and read it in less then three hours. And it was so good. I don't know what I expected, at all, but it was fantastic.

The Queen (White Years #4) by Tiffany Reisz (5/5)
Ah, this series. These characters. I"m so damn attached to these characters, so sad this series is kind of... over. I don't think there's plans for another novel in this world as of now, right? Not with these guys? I am kind of in denial. (highly recommended series, not for the faint of heart)

Star Wars: Before the Awakening by Greg, Rucka, Phil Noto (4.5/5)
This was good, even really good, but I felt like Finn and Rey's pasts are pretty well depicted in the movie, so I felt like this was kind of unnecessary concerning them. I mean, it was definitely interesting - unnecessary might be too cruel, because I did enjoy their stories, but I got a little bored at points, nothing was unexpected. Also, since Poe has so little screen time - so little for me to kind of adore his character - I thought his part was the most interesting. Also he kind of has the most history to give, but I won't say anything more then that.

As I said earlier, and as you can see by what I read this week - there was a read-a-thon. And I'm feeling kind of good after it. I'm writing this while it's technically still going on, but I just can't read anymore. My eyes are going to fall out of my eyes, eye strain sucks - I'm so glad I can type things with my eyes closed so I don't have to see the damn (painful) screen.

Anyway - it was a fun read-a-thon, and weekend, and getting to see everyones updates and posts on twitter and instagram and such was also a lot of fun. And is honestly my favorite part about read-a-thons, it's just so damn much fun. Also probably my favorite part about social media in general, but that's a whole other thing.

I had original gone in wanting to get to the full 24 hours, but I just couldn't do it. I went into the read-a-thon with the beginnings of eye strain and so I have to take breaks or it would of gone into full blown eye strain the first day and that would of been that - it's full blown right now, but hopefully a good night of sleep and no screens or reading tomorrow will help it a bunch, even though all I want to do right now is read.

I've been in this... it's not a slump, or anything like that, it's almost been like an inability to read. And it's been going on for pretty much the whole year, honestly. Well, the whole of last year, obviously, this one has just started. And last year there were read-a-thons, and in December I finally felt like I was reading something. To be fair, I was always getting reading done, but I didn't feel like I was, because it just couldn't be compared to what I was reading before (2014 was my best reading year ever, probably can't be beat, but I want to try and at least get close to that again).

What I"m saying there is, I think I got some of my reading mojo back? I said it on the update post, too, and it kind of feels like jinxing it, but I guess I kind of forgot how much I really enjoy reading. And how... easy it is to just sit down and read and do other things around it, instead of the other way around.

Besides that - official read-a-thon numbers and whatever. I don't have an official page count (best estimate would be: 1,543) mostly because I read some things that can't be counted in pages and such, and this read-a-thon was all about the time spent reading, anyway. I ended up reading for 16 hours, 29 minutes. And, jesus christ, that was a lot of reading time. In total I read 4 single issues, 3 trade paperbacks, 1 novella, 3 novels. I probably could of read more, but that was just what I finished. I also listened to some of the Alexander Hamilton biography (this is going to take me the whole year...), a bit over a hundred pages of Monsters of Men, and other pages of things that I put down for various reasons (Infinity Ring series is going to be hell to finish, but I want to know what happens).

That's that, I guess, I normally add links and stuff here, but my eyes hurt too much to look for anything. Let me know how you did, if you participated, or just what you read over the weekend, period. If you've read or are interesting in any of the titles I mentioned, let me know!

Happy reading! (happy eyes, too, I hope your eyes are well and not feeling like they will explode. Seriously. It sucks).

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