Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9th | Weekly Wrap Up #8

It was a very... strange week for me, actually. I didn't get a lot of reading done at all for the main part of the week. I finally connected all the things for my desktop so it was fully functioning (with speakers!!). For some reason, some things just take me forever. See - sending out packages to friends that I still haven't done and they were suppose to go out at Christmas. I'm an awful person. And I can't stop thinking about it, so it's gotten to the paralyzing anxiety phase.

Reading: (finished this week and actively currently-reading)
Monstrous Affections: An Anthology of Beastly Tales edited by Kelly Link, Gavin J, Grant (5/5)
A really fun anthology, I did a goodreads review of it. I don't think I'm going to post a full review here, since there isn't much else to say. Some of the stories were fantastic, some were just eh, but there were definitely more hits then misses.

Good Omens: BBC Radio 4 dramatization (5/5)
I was kind of waiting to savor the last few episodes of this. I listened to episodes one and two pretty much right away, because.... well because Good Omens, in all honesty. And loved them, and then just listened to the rest and loved those too. They're so good, freaking fantastic. And now all I can think is how much I really need to reread that book!

No Matter the Wreckage by Sarah Kay (5/5)
I love Sarah's poems, it's amazing and incredible. She's a spoken word poet, which I wrote a post about this week, but if you want a taste of her poetry -  Mrs. Ribeiro + Ted Talk (If I had a daughter / B is first) + Postcards + Speaker's Spotlight video
(Also:  Sarah Kay's and Phil Kaye's: "An Origin Story" "When Love Arrives")
I highly recommend it all.

And then for currently-reading. I'm currently reading a bind up of The Southern Reaches trilogy by Jeff Vandermeer, finally finished the first book (which is like 130 pages out of the 600). It's New Weird, I think it's the genre title - it's kind of has that Lovecraft feeling, and just overall weirdness. Also still currently reading Spook and A Tale of Two Cities. There's a read-a-thon this week, and I'm hoping that'll push me back into reading more then I have been the last few weeks.

What I've Been Watching:
One of the main reasons this week has just been... off, for me. Was because of this: Monty Oum Passes Away at 33 - The Know. RoosterTeeth animator (RT should be familiar if you've ever seen one of these weekly wrap ups from me. I adore what they do. And this was such a shock, an awful shock because he was so young and... it was just kind of rougher then I expected, probably because of it on top of the recent person loss, as well. Which sounds strange, I guess, but it's true). Now - onto... more uplifting things.

THE RETURN! Sims 3: Ex-Presidents DLC - Hank Green. Playing the Sims. I've been missing these gaming videos and I'm glad they're back. Speaking of Hank - I don't think I mentioned this vide: How to do ALL THE THINGS (ft. Hank Green).

Sword and Laser episode 204 - I've been kind of really enjoying watching the filming of S&L (SciFi/Fantasy book club. Goodreads).

And then some Booktuber monthly wrap ups, two of my favorites. SableCaught's and books and pieces.

Blog Posts I've Liked:
We Could Be Millionaries... if it weren't for books - good god. Even trying not to buy books, trying to have rules, I've still spent more money on books so far this year then I should have (I'll get better at resisting books as we go right? RIGHT?)

Top Ten Fantasy Books I Can't Believe I Haven't Read Yet - these kinds of list are (1) fun and (2) reassure me that I'm not the last person on the planet to not read certain books.

Review: Of Things Gone Astray by Janina Matthewson by Outlandish Lit - I admit I clicked on the review because that cover it gorgeous (go, look at it. Drool). And it sounds surprisingly good, whimsical and such.

It was a weird week, which is why there aren't as many links. I did rediscover my desktop computer, though (which I end to neglect because, let's be honest - my laptop is just easier. And it has all the things I love on it). However - I have put in quite a few hours on that desktop this week. Mostly play Minecraft, if we're being honest (or the Sims), but sometimes I just like playing something and listening to something. It's how I finished the dramatization of Good Omens and got myself into Annihilation / Southern Reach series.

It's also why there isn't as much stuff and why I haven't been as present on the internet, well the last few weeks have just been rough ones, so there's that as well. And double escaping through video game and audio might not be the best idea for productivity, but sometimes it's needed.

On the blog:

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