Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Year in Review (2013 - 1)

I've been toying with this idea since January, about having something that was full of thoughts of books that I didn't have enough thoughts of to make a full review but more then the 'it was good/bad' I put down for WWW Wednesdays, so - I thought a 'mini review' type of thing would be best. I struggled with what to call it, and thought since I want to review all of the books I've read this year, 'Year in Review' might be a nice title, and it also has exactly what I'm doing in the title.

So I've read quite a few books so far this year and I don't always have enough to say for a full review, but that doesn't mean I don't probably have something to say. So I think I've figured out a way to do this. If I wrote a full review, there will just be the book title, author, rating, and then a link to it. Hopefully I'll have review up for all the books that I want to have them up for before I catch up with myself, if not, a couple lines and a 'review to come' kind of deal. Pretty simple, hopefully easy to understand.

Ubik by Philip K. Dick (5/5)

You Have to Stop This (Secret #5) by Pseudonymous Bosch (5/5)
This is the fifth and final book in the series, and I've been toying with doing a full series review, but I'm just not sure yet. Overall: hilarious, engaging characters, good plot.

My Story by Marilyn Monroe and others (5/5)
This was certainly something to read. I've never seen anything that Marilyn Monroe did, none of her movies or anything, and it was interesting to hear what she had to say, just talking about her life to a friend who was writing it down for her. It's really amazing to read, how young she was, and how much she struggled. It's a good read, she jumps around a lot, her story telling not from point A to B, but it doesn't really jar you as much as you'd think, well it didn't me. I'd recommend it to people interested in her.

The Emperor's Soul by Brandon Sanderson (5/5)
First Sanderson novel (and technically this might be a novella) and I am hooked, give me all of what he's written. This book was beautiful and intricate  I didn't think it could be, because it's not long and only happens over a hundred days, if that. And it's just - completely amazing. The magic alone in this book, I would sell my soul to be able to write magic systems like Sanderson (well, maybe only a part of it, I like it). I wish I had enough to say to write a full review, but it would mostly just be squeeing and saying it was amazing. So, to the point: fantastic characters, original plot, realistic magic world/laws, and an overall fantastic read. I'd recommend this to probably anyone.

Marilyn: Her Life In Her Own Words (...) by George Barris (4/5)
Interesting, definitely interesting. It was good, no doubting that, but - something made me bump it down to a four but kept me from making it lower. It was odd reading it so soon after the other Marilyn one, catching the slight difference, but still what seemed to me at least to be a very true image of her, but one from a friend. A photographer.

A Study In Emerald by Neil Gaiman (5/5)
Awesome, amazing, so cool. I really want to listen to this one again, actually, or be able to read it. I've never read anything like this. it mirrors A Study In Scarlett, but it's suppose it - and it has so much original stuff, too. I don't want to give any of it away, just go and jump in. Gaiman plus Sherlock Holmes canon and... some fantasy elements, if that interests you, investigate.

The Violinist's Thumb: And Other Lost Tales of Love, War, and Genius, as Written by Our Genetic Code by Sam Kean (5/5)
I really wish I could write a full review of this one, I've been trying to since I read it, but it's just so - different and informative and kind of perfect. It doesn't info dump you and it kind of makes sure you know what's going on before jumping too far in. It has stories about the first people to discover things, why certains genes have certain names, and so much more about how genetics affect us. It's nonfiction, of course, and a truly amazing and very interesting read. I'd recommend to anyone even slightly interested in ow genetics actually work. Also, very witty, and a strong voice. (Mostly when I talk to people about this book it's just a jumble of words and vague squeeing, this is the most articulate thing I've said about it, I think, because it's just fantastic).

Robot Dreams by Sara Varon (5/5)
Amazing for a book with pretty much no words with it. This is a graphic novel and it's really, really good. It has a kind of... bittersweet ending. It'll leave you feeling a bit melancholy, but it's totally worth the read. The art is good and cute, as are the characters. Give it a chance, who doesn't love reading about cute robots right?

Naked in Death (In Death #1) by J.D. Robb
This was for a book club, but I just... love these characters. I want to do a review of book one to ten in the series. It's good, they get better, and it's not like an amazing work of fiction, definitely a guilty pleasure. Like a Law and Order episode but better and all the characters kick-ass.

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