Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Book Review: The Regulators

Title: The Regulators
Author: Stephen King
Rating: 5/5
Genre: Horror, Fantasy (Supernatural)
Publication Date: 1996

Story Notion: What the hell...? But - ew. and - what?

Plot: (from GoodReads) I'd suggest NOT reading this!!
An evil creature called Tak uses the imagination of an autistic boy to shift a residential street in small-town Ohio into a world so bizarre and brutal that only a child could think it up. It's as two-dimensional and gaudy as a kid's comic book, but for this reviewer, The Regulators is a gripping adventure tale about what happens when a mind fixated on TV (especially old Westerns and a cartoon called MotoKops 2200) runs amok.

This book. I don't even remember what made me start reading this book, I was just craving something to read and it was on my iPad and... I started reading it. And had my mind thoroughly screwed by the end of it. This was far from my first King book, but they still tend to leave me going 'what the hell just happened?' This one, of course, was no different.

It starts off on this nice street, friendly neighbors, hot summer day, fun all around. And there's this kind of sense of dread you feel, because you know it's not going to stay like that for long. Something's going to happen. And you can also assume, being a King book, a lot of those people aren't what they seem. I, personally, didn't read the plot before starting it - and so this was an adventure. And I like doing that, with certain books but especially by King, not reading the synposis, just diving in.

This book was amazing. It jumped perspectives, off course, and I always love finally starting to figure out what the hell is happening. However, I can't even look at Spagetti-O's or chocolate milk without gagging, not that that's really a bad thing as I cared for both little before, but - whew, some of those descriptions. Anyway, the writing and description is fantastic, as I always find with his writing. I know a lot of people think he's too wordy, but I love it, it sucks me in and I can picture it perfectly.

Overall, it's... a Stephen King book. Fantastic, horror, suspense, thriller. Awesome characters that are all well fleshed out and three dimensional and have back stories and you feel like they could of been living there ever day for years and years before this book took place. I love the plots of King's books, of course, but my favorite will always be the characters and how in-depth they are and how they just feel like people.

A really great read. I'd recommend it to anyone that likes horror books with some fantastic characters, great descriptive writing, and some supernatural elements.

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