Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bout of Books 12 | Day Five Wrap-Up

Another day, more reading. Once again, I didn't read as much as I'd like. Life happens, I guess. But I'd officially like for my eye strain to go away because ow. Also for all life problems to go away, as well, that'd be great.

Number of Books Completed Today: 0

Total Number of Books Completed: 6

Lock In by John Scalzi (continued - 128 pages)

Baltimore: The Wolf and The Apostle #1, #2 by Mike Mignola (s&f - 60 pages)
The Wicked and the Divine #6 by Kieron Gillen (s&f - 32 pages)
East of West #16 by Jonathan Hickman (s&f - 31 pages)
Wayward #5 by Jim Zub (s&f - 30 pages)

Number of Pages Read: 281

Total Number of Pages Read: 1,693

Baltimore was... interesting? Strange, but interesting(also wasn't on GR, so I guestimated page count). However - all the rest of the single issues I read, I'd been waiting on and ugh, they were all so good. So freaking good. East of West is that, like, western futuristic setting? With the four horsemen of the apocalypse and it's fucking awesome (excuse the language, but I love this series). And you've probably heard of The Wicked and The Divine.

However - I haven't heard anyone talk about Wayward. Which takes place in modern Tokyo, where all the japanese mythological creatures seem to be... waking up? Coming out more to play? And this is one series I'd suggest getting the single issues, instead of the trade, and that's because the trade isn't going to include the essays that in the back of each issue about the mythological creatures and one about modern Japan school kids. It's all pretty awesome, the colors and everything are gorgeous, and I'll be impatiently waiting for it to start back up again now.

And I'm really enjoying Lock In, digging deeper into it and it's good. Of course, it's Scalzi.

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  1. six books in five days? That's really good! Good luck in the final leg Casey!

  2. wow six books is amazing! I've had so many slow days this week. Life is such a reading killer at times.

    1. Thank you! Life gets like that, and whooo. But - failing not failing! :)

  3. Sounds like you're doing awesome in this read-a-thon with 6 books already completed!! Keep up the great work!!