Monday, September 14, 2015

Tackle Your TBR | Updates (14th - 20th)

It is Tackle Your TBR time! Wishful Ending's annual read-a-thon - the sign up post here(you can sign up through the 23rd). I'm planning on splitting up my updates into two posts, one for each week, mostly just the post doesn't get too long and weekly wrap ups.

My goals are pretty vague - I'm also participating in Bookish September (is being run by a booktuber and there's also instagram challenges, some bookish fun mostly), and also a seasonal Bookish Bingo (both links to my posts). I'm mentioning both because there are challenges for the first, and the second one is pretty much just challenges, so I'd like to complete the remaining ones I have left for Bookish September and then get a bingo or two.

I don't really have any strict goals besides that. I'm probably going to just make a stack of books and try and work my way through it. If I do end up making a pile, I might do what I did for Bout of Books and make a list, crossing them off as I go (though, I doubt I'll be able to do as good / be able to stick to anything that well ever again).


Number of books I've read today: 1
Pages read: 240
Time Spent Reading: 2 hours
A Curious Tale of the In-Between by Lauren DeStefano (started and finished - 240 pages)

I meant to get a bunch of reading done today because I've got plans mid week and no idea how next week is going to go reading while, but somehow it ended up being 5pm before I realized it. And then I just ended up picking up that book, reading it in one sitting, and then getting distracted again. I'm hoping to read more tomorrow, the only other day I know for sure is completely free this week. Should also do some book organizing but we shall see how it goes.

Number of books I've read today: 1
Total # of books I've read: 2
Pages read: 291
Total # of pages: 531 
Time Spent Reading: 2 hour, 45 minutes
Total Time Spent Reading:  3 hours, 45 minutes
The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien (continues - 45 pages)
Lady Killer, Volume One by JoĆ«lle Jones, Jamie S. Rich (started and finished - 138 pages)
Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between by Jennifer E. Smith (started - 108 pages)

I got a lot of things done today, and only a small part of it was reading, but I did get some reading done. Lady Killer, vol 1 was released today and I preodered it - and it might of been better then I expected and I was really freaking excited for it. (Also got The Marvel in the mail, which hoping to read this week or next, very soon).

I started The Things They Carried before this started, but didn't want to set it aside like I normally do for read-a-thons simply because I didn't want to fall that out it, and was less then 40 pages into it. Really, really enjoying it, though.

A lot of stuff came out September 1st, but it felt like twice as much came out today (it probably just seemed like it, but goodness). Pick up anything good? I'm curious, let me know!

Number of books I've read today: 0
Total # of books I've read: 2
Pages read: 462
Total # of pages: 1,024 
Time Spent Reading: (about) 2 hours, 30 minutes
Total Time Spent Reading: 6 hours, 15 minutes
The Marvels by Brian Selznick (started - 462 pages)
The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien (continues - 31 pages)

First off - I'm still just really loving The Things They Carried, something has just clicked but I also don't want to just sit down and read it in one go. I don't want it to be over.

I kind of accidentally started The Marvels today, I knew I wouldn't have time to finish it but i accentally started flipping through it and then, beofre I knew it, I was to the first page that's full text (which isn't until almost page 400, like 392 or something on my memory) - it's freaking incredible so far and I hope I can finish it tomorrow. It's just, i can't even words about it, but I'm loving it and it's making me want to reread his previous two books.

Today was rough, though, just a not good day (not feeling good always just makes me want to lay on the floor and do nothing), but reading definitely helped for most of it. Helped me get out of my own and just the act of slowing down to read, eased everything a little. Reading is cool.

How's your week going? Reading anything good?

Did not get around to reading anything because I felt awful for a good part of the day and still had other things to do, so beside the time I had moments to read, I mostly just kind of fell asleep early.

Number of books I've read today: 1
Total # of books I've read: 3
Pages read: 178
Total # of pages: 1,202 
Time Spent Reading:, 1 hours, 30 minutes
Total Time Spent Reading: 7 hours, 45 minutes
The Marvels by Brian Selznick (finished - 178 pages)

I've loved both of what I've read by Selznick before - Hugo Cabret and Wonderstruck - and so I shouldn't surprised at how much I just plain adored The Marvels - will gush about more in my weekly wrap up on Monday.

Feel free to let me know how your week is going? Reading wise, life wise.

Number of books I've read today: 0
Total # of books I've read: 3
Pages read: 53
Total # of pages: 1,255
Time Spent Reading: 20 minutes
Total Time Spent Reading: 8 hours, 5 minutes
Injection #5 by Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey (started and finished - 30 pages)
Planet Hulk #5 by Sam Humphries (started and finished - 23 pages)

I ended up getting a lot less reading done then I expected because one of my neighbors and I had a mini doctor who party? Super last minute, but I actually had fun watching Doctor Who, so that was good!

Either way - hopefully i'll get more reading done tomorrow. I have to wake up super early to let people into my building for paint-y things, so we will see how this goes. If not tomorrow, hopefully monday, because after that will be insanity.

Another day of no reading, just because there was so much going on today. And, by the time I would of been able to sit down and read, I was too exhausted to even really try, wouldn't of been able to focus for the life of me.

But, tomorrow is another day, hopefully I can get some reading done. I'm hoping to not get onto my computer until later in the day, maybe not until evening (someone hold me to that).

After this, the Tackle Your TBR is still going on for another week, so there will be another post up (which I'll link here when it's live) that'll be talking about my continued progress, not resetting anything, of course. Let me know if you're participating, of course, and where I can find your updates!

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