Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8th | Weekly Wrap Up #31

First weekly wrap up of the month and it's full of comics - trades, single issues - and I read most of them before learning that it's #ComicsFebruary apparently. I guess I can be on board with that, considering, and it's not like I'm not super behind in single issues (even having read a good few this week. Next week I want to read more but also finish a book or two before I'm behind for wanting to read 100 in 2016 (100 just books, not counting single issues, maybe trades but hoping not to).

Reading: (finished this week and actively currently-reading)
Rick and Morty, Volume 1 by Zac Gorman, CJ Cannon (4/5)
If you haven't watched season 1 and 2 of Rick and Morty and have a strange, morbid sense of humor, or can like that kind of humor, you should probably watch Rick and Morty. It's ridiculous and just kind of a lot of fun.

Paper Girls #1 - 4 by Brian K Vaughan, Cliff Chiang (4/5) (5/5)
There's been a lot of excitement and love that I've seen about this series, and so I picked up the first few issues - thinking why not, I've liked a lot of the things Vaughan has done, and holy shit I was not expecting this series at all, let alone how much I really freaking loved it. I have no idea what it was about it, well I kind of do, but I highly suggest going into this series knowing as a little as possible. Four girls who deliver papers in the late eighties, and stuff happens. Read

Pop (#1-4) by Curt Pires, Jason Copland (2/5)
I had really high hopes for this mini series, but finally getting around to it - it just really fell short. I don't know what it was, but I guess I was kind of expecting more? It was still fun and interesting, but not what I expected at all.

Monstress #1, #2, & #3 by Marjorie Liu, Sana Takeda (5/5)
Okay. I don't think I can talk about this without just going oh my god it was so good you need to read it. But I'm going to try. The first issue is 72 pages, the start of an all new fantasy series and it's incredible and amazing and she's so angry. And I just really love when female characters are angry? When they're allowed to be angry. (Also if you've got any written by female comic reccs, I've realized how male my comic reading is. Please help).

Hawkeye vs. Deadpool by Gerry Duggan, Matteo Lolli (3/5)
This was interesting - and Fraction's Hawkeye(s), my favorite kind. (Though, one reason I love comics - different universes/different versions).  Anyway - this was more fun then I expected and had some moments that made me laugh, but, overall, wasn't something I was super in love with.

Two of my favorite YouTubers/Booktubers who I've been watching for years and year, made videos together this month (yay!): How to Get Back into Reading and How to get Organized & Get Shit Done. They're both long, discussion type videos but very, very good. Highly recommended. The first of these videos, the reading one, was kind of perfectly time because I'd just started working on my own discussion-y post about my recent reading like.

On a totally different subject - I watch BrownMan (Ray) replay Bioshock because I will watch anyone and everyone play Bioshock, I love that game. His playthrough was interesting since he kind of plowed through it.

Also finally got around to watching some Broadway con stuff like, for instance, the Hamilton panel. This started because I ended up watching my friend Jenny's BroadwayCon video (which you should def check out, that cats costume always blows me away a little. Mostly because I rarely find the motivation to put on eyeliner myself. And she looks incredible).

And this week I also did the 'keep track of the time I spent reading' thing and spent significantly less time then the week before (also spent almost an hour of it reading Hawkeye vs Deadpool, for some reason I was at a slow reading speed, must just of been tired. 3 hours, 42 minutes overall for this week, which is nothing, but I just wasn't in the mood. (Rant incoming)

(That isn't true - I was for certain things but I'm trying to finish Six of Crows, which I read some of this week, so I can move onto another book. But I also want to reread a bunch of things currently - either just for fun or because I want to continue with the series. For instance - City of Bones by Cassie Clare. I could probably write a whole discussion post about this series. Mostly, though nostalgia because started reading this one a bit after the 2nd one came out, so had to wait for the third, and kind of been reading ever since. They're not amazing but they're fun - kind of where it starts and ends for me with the series, I just adore the characters. Ironically, pretty much everyone more then Jace and Clary. It came up because I watched the newest episode of the TV show - which honestly isn't really... good, but I'm enjoying it? - and Magnus/Alec scenes. Also want to reread The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks so it's fresh in my mind and I can continue to the next ones, I remember less then I should for it being so recent, just a little over a year ago).

Besides me rambling about books and such - how was your week? What did you read / what've you been up to?

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