Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Book Review: Wizard's First Rule (Sword of Truth #1)

Book: Wizard's First Rule (Sword of Truth #1)
Author: Terry Goodkind
Genre: Fantasy (Epic Fantasy, Romance)
Rating: 5/5
Page Count: 820 (Mass Market Paperback)
Story Notion: What. What just happened? That was amazing...

Plot: (From Goodreads)
A Legend Begins...

In the aftermath of the brutal murder of his father, Richard Cypher encounters a mysterious woman, Kahlan Amnell, in his forest sanctuary. She seeks his help...and more. His world, his very beliefs, are shattered when ancient debrs come due with thundering violence.

In their darkest hour, Kahlan calls upon Richard to reach beyond his sword--to invoke within himself something more noble. Neither knows that the rules of battle have just changed...or that their time has run out.

This is the beginning. One book. One rule. Witness the birth of a legend.

I had a review of this up before, I'd first read this book in 2011 and I put the review up then, but I'm rewriting it now because some of those reviews are cringeworthy but that was always going to be true. This book holds up so well in a reread and no matter how long it is, I always finish it in about a day. Anyway, this is just going to be a slightly altered, well completely rewritten, version of my review from 2011, which isn't up anymore.

I watched the TV series when it was first airing, it was normally on at like midnight and it was interesting and weird. I'm glad I saw it before reading this book, though, because it would of never held up, at all. Legend of the Seeker, which was what the TV series was called if you didn't know/haven't heard of it, and I haven't seen it now in a while, a few years, but I do remember genuinely really liking it.

The thing about this book, for me, was the characters. I loved Richard and Kahlan and Zed and all of them. I think Kahlan is probably my favorite because she's just so... good, because she isn't just a sterotypical anything. She kicks ass, she cries, she does kind of everything in this book alone, a lot happens. And I love how her and Richard interact and how they are genuinely friends and close but there was always a spark

Zed, on the other hand. Man, Zed is who I want to be when I am 80, which sounds weird if you've read the book and is weird, but he's just so great. Because he comes off as this completely insane old guy, but is also a badass, insanely powerful wizard who eats more then ten teenage boys.

The writing in this book is great and I love the adventure, the plot, how everything progresses nicely. Mostly, though, the characters, I'm a person who is just into the characters and I love all of these.

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