Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dewey's Read-A-Thon Update: 12pm - 4pm

I wasn't feeling so great pretty suddenly, but now it's starting to get a little bit weird. And heavy SciFi is much slower to read for me then most things.

Cold War by Adam Christopher (finished - 39 pages)
The Burning Dark by Adam Christopher (started - 58 pages)
God Save the Queen (The Immortal Empire #1) by Kate Locke (started - 68 pages)

Pages read: 165

Time spent reading: 2 hours

Number of Book(s) finished: 1

Total pages read: 645

Total time spent reading: 5 hours, 20 minutes

Total Number of Books Finished: 3

As you can see it was a much slower reading time for me, and I read less then I did during the last chunk, but I'm just starting to really get into God Save The Queen, so hopefully I can fly through it and maybe it's sequel now. I just wasn't getting into The Burning Dark easily and, during a read-a-thon, speed is kind of key. I'll probably just continue The Burning Dark after this read-a-thon.

Also, if you want to see my progress in more real time, then there are places for that: GoodreadsTwitterInstagram.

And... Go!
8am - 12pm


  1. Looking like you are having a great readathon! Cheering you on from Michigan