Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Readathon | 24in48 | January 16 + 17

The 24 in 48 read-a-thon is exactly what it sounds like - trying to read for 24 hours during two days, 48 hours. I believe it came from 24 hour read-a-thons, because you can never read the full 24 hours during those (sleeping, eating, bathroom breaks). I've participated before, but I've never ended up having read anywhere close to 24 hours, and I'd kind of really like to get at least moderately close this time.

I don't have a stack together yet, but I'll post a picture probably the night before or morning of. My plan is to just make a giant pile and pick from it, and I'll probably bounce between books, single issues, and trade paperbacks just so I can try and keep going.

If you're interested the sign up post is here, and there's also more information. Obviously the goal is to try and get to 24 hours, but a lot of people never get it. I'd highly suggest joining in, though, it's always a ton of fun. I'm not sure how I'll be doing updates, definitely social media, but probably also something over here - just not sure how yet.

Let me know if you'll be taking part, and if you have any of your books picked out.

Happy reading!

Sign Up Post


  1. Sounds like a fun read-a-thon, especially with the colder winter weather that going on right now that has one wanting to stay indoors!

    Good luck in trying to read a total of 24 hours!

    1. That's what I was thinking, too!

      And thanks, I'm planning things to hopefully do it, we shall see.