Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BEA (I'm going there. Eep!)

First off, I'm really sorry about my slight absence. I mean, I did post a WWW Wednesday this past week and before that was the read-a-thon, but there have been no reviews and I'm truly sorry. Hopefully this will explain some of it, the other had to do with school work, I was doing a lot of it.

BEA is happening in less then a week, on Monday my mom and I will be driving to New York City, something we've done numerous times, but nothing for something like this. BEA, if you don't know, is Book Expo America where there are books, authors, and book lovers galore. Also, many more people who are involved in some way with the book industry, it's a book extravaganza, a book expo. I've been to conventions, I've actually been to a lot of conventions, but nothing like this. And, if feels silly, but I don't feel like I should be going, like I'm not qualified or something. Of course, I am a pretty new book blogger, but it's an amazing opportunity and when my mom asked me, seriously, if I wanted to go, I couldn't say no. (I may have been talking about it and how all these authors are going to be there and all of these book bloggers and there was minor fangirling involved).

This is one reason I haven't ended up posting anything this week, but also, yesterday, I finally started this thing I've been meaning to do. I'm calling it Project: Organize Books (Seriously, You Should of Done that Months Ago). Also may be known as: Project: OB (SYSDMA). I'm not going to lie to you and say that I have some books, I have a lot of books. It didn't fully hit me how much until today, they're all spread over the kitchen floor as i try to organize them. On blankets so anything I missed sweeping or just appears doesn't injure them in anyway. I'll probably make a full post or even a video about this, because it's huge and much more fun then I expected, though a lot of work.

Anyway, by to the real reason for this post. BEA. I feel less nervous about it today, about the not feeling qualified part, because I was thinking about how much I love books and how giggly I was being surrounding by hundreds of books in the kitchen. And that I have worked really hard to make this blog what it is now, I consider it a job. It's a job i thoroughly enjoy, but it takes up so much time, it can't be anything else but a job. So I'm feeling a bit better about everything. Of course, there's the fact that I'm on 16 (17 June 22! So soon!) but that part I've gotten over, because I'm hoping no one will write me off as 'too young.'

I'm going to stop rambling about this now, but it was on my mind and I wanted to share it with you. If you're going to BEA tell me! If you want me to say hi to you that is, I'm going to try to actually approach people and say I love their blogs if I know them and, of course, love their blog (which is a good chance, since I haven't met a book blog I didn't like). Also, if you've got any tips/tricks that you think my mom and I may find useful, feel free to share them. And, yes, my mom is coming with me because I am under 18 and can't go onto the floor alone, apparently. Also, she really likes books, too. I even got business cards which, just to tell you, are really pretty.

I hope you're having a good week and I hope May was a good month for everyone. Best wishes!

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