Friday, March 6, 2015

Discussion Post | Sims 4 & Minecraft binging

So on my short hiatus, you might be wondering what I was doing. And I figured I should first, foremost, and mostly talk about the thing that threw me into this. Video games. Ah, I do love me some video games - playing, watching someone play, just listening to the music over and over...

Video games are by no means new to me, at all, but recently I've found myself getting more and more into actually playing them (I'd say the past year). That's compared to watching Let's Plays or other people playing the game, which I still adore watching. And I just mean more into, lately my focus has been on other things, but when I was younger I played certain things for hours. But I just had a period of time where I binge played Minecraft and The Sims 4. Not the most original of games (there were some other titles in there, but the binging was those two, they're binge type games to me).

Whenever I play either, I start just playing and playing. My obsession with the Sims goes back to... the first one, I believe. I don't remember playing it except impressions and magic - yes, I was that young, playing with my older cousin if memory serves, and my memory is notoriously bad - but I remember the Sims 2 very well.

The Sims 2 might have left some scars, in all honesty. I was playing it alone, first off, and didn't know any of the cheats. And, as far as I've played - the second is just the hardest to do things in. I don't know why, but I remember struggling hardcore with this family of three and how their 'fun' was never high enough to do ANYTHING, which just sucked, because one of them was a teenager and homework. See? Scared for life.

Anyway - besides my struggles with that one, I haven't really just... played the Sims in a while, until this week. Without the cheats, I mean. (The only time I enabled them were to try and fix bugs, you can debug them like that, theoretically, and good god I wanted to strangle them. Or the fridge). Besides my rants about fridges, it went... surprisingly well.

It's chaos at first, it's always chaos, but it's a fun kind of chaos. I'm honestly kind of thinking of doing one of those challenges and following the rules completely. I've started a couple that I'm not being too strict with myself with, but I think it'd be fun, I tend to react well to challenges, anyway, so maybe it'd be good for me.

And I've actually gotten to the second generation and into the third (although, as of writing this, they're still just kids, but I'm going to persevere!). Which is probably the farthest I've gotten in a family, definitely the farthest I've gotten in a family without using any cheats, just having them try and work and make things and collect things. It's interesting and fun. And a little ridiculous.

And now, you're probably thinking - Casey, is there a point to this post?

Which I can proudly say... kind of? I'm kind of just curious. I know this is how a LOT of people binge play the Sims, and other games. For me it's always those sandbox/open end type games. The Sims is, theoretically, never-ending with endless possibilities, as is Minecraft. I'm a completest, but there's nothing to complete with either game. And so... I just keep going, which leads to binging, or I just kind of tend to start another game when I get a little bored with the one I'm currently working on, normally when the challenge is gone (when the sims have enough money to not worry, when they're starting to just be too easy to manage. Or, in minecraft, when I've mined ALL THE THINGS).

Anyway, what I'd like to know is... do you binge play games? And how do you do it? I want to know how your binge playing ends up happening / how it goes? Mostly to comfort myself that I'm not completely insane in this. I have gotten better at just kind of going with my mood, though, which is why I'm not currently trying to push myself to read, even though I'm starting to miss it, but that's a whole different post.


  1. I guess it could be considered binge playing, the playing I do. I never got into Sims at all. I have Sims 4 and mainly liked making funky houses (with all the cheat money) but beyond that, it's just OK to me. I lost interest to other things, mainly Watch Dogs right now.

    OMG I love Watch Dogs. I just started it a few days ago and it's sooooo right up my alley. Open world where you can run around and do whatever, or you can continue with the main mission. I run around doing whatever for hours, then go to a mission, then run around again. I'm so hooked on it!

    I don't know how it ends. I guess I just keep playing until I lose some interest then I move onto something else and play more. The only problem right now with my new gaming PC is I've read so few books. I miss my books, but I'm enjoying my gaming more. I mean OMG my graphics card is to DIE for, it all looks sooooooo amazing!! :)

    I definitely don't really get into games where there's no objective / end to it, like Sims or Minecraft. They bore me. Even if it's open world, I like having a direction to go in, when I want, or just do my own thing when I want.

    Now, when the new Roller Coaster Tycoon comes out sometime later in the year, that's gonna be non-stop binging. Build the parks and coasters! I can't wait!!

    1. Ooooh, I've been hearing good things about Watch Dogs, actually, I'll have to check it out.
      I've also been reading so little, I got a new monitor a bit before this binge and it was like - whoa, everything is pretty!!

      I think that's why I binge and then stop for months because of the lack of objective.

      I never really got into Roller Coaster Tycoon, but I've been finding myself surprisingly excited for it. I don't know what'll happen when it comes out, but hopefully I can get my hands on a copy.

      Thanks so much for commenting. :)