Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30th | Weekly Wrap Up #13

I didn't post a weekly wrap up last week because I just - still wasn't reading anything and so I'm glad to report I finished a book this week! *super hero stance*

Okay, in all seriousness, though, my inability to just read is still driving me a little crazy even though I have finally read a full book. Not a comic or a whatever, a book book. I'm so stupidly proud of this. Also this week I just put together videos/blogs/random stuff because I didn't have a lot of some, more of others.

Reading: (finished this week and actively currently-reading)
I'll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios (4/5)
Cute, also heartbreaking. I'm really glad I read this, and I'm really glad it's out there (especially in YA) but I still felt like there were some glossed over things. Saying that - I'm also not sure that isn't unrealistic. Overall, I enjoyed it, really loved the characters, and it actually broke my heart a little.

I don't know what I'm going to start next, but I've got a ton of single issues that I'd like to binge through (especially as I have more coming, no regrets). I'd also like to finish some of the books I've been currently reading for a month or more, but I'm not going to be annoyed at myself if I picked up something else, like with I'll Meet You There.

Cool Stuff I've Liked:
If you only click on one link to watch - Great Science Fiction Authors. A fantastic person overall, great channel. And a really great video about (whoops all female, ayooo) SciFi authors!

Books To Help You Get Back Into Reading - books. I haven't taken any of her recs for this, but the video itself helped. Personally, though, I'm just trying to get to a reading slump.

Anime 808 (Nanalew / Shawna) - how I adore her and this series. This is the latest but you should watch through them all, really. Because anime.

Book Riot's Quarterly Unboxing - I loved my box and I love watching these unboxing that are on the Book Riot channel.

So... this is was more last week and the week before, but I didn't post anything last week. If you're squimish, I'd suggest against this but... There's a lovely video gamer Markiplier. Five Nights at Freddy's lets plays. (That the playlist). Also if you want, just scroll to the bottom of the playlist on the side and watch the animated reaction videos because priceless.

And my mom and I are still working our way through our Stargate SG-1 rewatch (have I mentioned this? Because so good).

I discovered this week that a friend of mine has a book blog (I am the worst). And it was her birthday this week so if you're looking for a feminist awesome blog about books (plus: there's Buffy).

And, last but seriously fucking awesome - Spore. About 6 minutes, short film, horror side. Mary Kate Wiles, Ashley Clements. Honestly, I don't want to tell you any more then that, I just put the horror there for people who don't like it. I seriously loved it.

Now that we've covered all of that, I'm curious as to what you are reading? Or what have you found that's cool or you've enjoyed this week/recently?

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