Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16th | Weekly Wrap Up #12

I'm still mostly at the point where I can't read. I want to read, really want to, and I've reorganized the books closest to me to try and get me back into it. But instead I find myself on tumblr, mostly crying over things relaxed to Steve/Bucky (I have regrets, but also noregrets). And writing a surprising amount for all of that.

I still can't just - read. And it's driving me marginally crazy. Which sounds stupid, because I was fine at first. I'd been going for a while, I knew I was going to crash and burn on the reading front soon and that was fine. At this point, though, it's been a while. Like over a month, a month and a half probably since I've really just been able to sit down and read, and reading helps with my stress and with the crushing anxiety I have - and so not reading, is very bad.

Also, it means I'm not posting anything here. I want to, I have some ideas knocking around (I always do - discussion posts, past reviews I should do), but I don't want to when I'm not in the mood. I don't enjoy forcing words and normally it's just nor right (I've been working on posts and yet to get any to the point of where I want to post them).

Mostly, I'm saying - sorry, I suck. Well, not really, but kind of. Because I can't read. If you want to tell me what you're reading, though, that'd be greatly appreciated! Or solidarity in the - 'it was meant to be a reading break but now I would consider this a slump and I miss books' area.

Reading: (finished this week and actively currently-reading)
Nameless #1 & #2 by Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham, more (3/5, both)
I think this is definitely going to be an interesting series. I'm not super impressed yet, but I'm definitely intrigued and interested. And I'm keeping it on my pull list. It drops you in the story, which I always kind of enjoy the what is going on here scramble, and I'm enjoying the art (love the cover of #1), so I've got some hopes I'll like it more as it digs more into the story.

The Fade Out, Act One by Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips (4/5)
This was really interesting, slightly strange. Last forties hollywood scene, starting with the death of the lead actress on this movie. It's really just starting, it's a kind of slow building, but I really enjoyed this one and I'm looking forward to more. But I'm probably just going to wait until volume two and not start picking up single issues. Still - definitely worth a look, I think, and the art is different, the style definitely fits well.

What I've Been Watching:
So... our Dish box... thingy is broken. Which means DVD time! (Well, it's a Blu-Ray player but shut up). And so my mom has accidentally gotten into a Lord of the Rings binge (which I totally approve of, she's been watching them at night).

And we've also, also accidentally, kind of started a Stargate SG-1 rewatch from the very beginning. I think I've spewed my love for SG-1 here before, but it's a show my mom was super into it when i was very young. And I remember watching it new, watching it whenever there were reruns. And then, being older, and watching it randomly, also watching from the beginning through all the episodes. God, i love this show.

Blog Posts I've Liked:
LITERARY REFLECTIONS: WHERE MY GIRLS AT (PART I) - this post speaks to me, on multiple levels, because it's something I've definitely noticed as well. (And oh man so many books listed in one place). And I've debated making a post about why it's important to try and read diversely, even though others have said it better, but I keep coming back to the idea because I could organize a bunch of things in one place. Either way - important shit about queer/LGBTQA+ girls in fiction.

So much fan fiction has been read in place of physical books. There are some regrets there, but I do love getting my heart ripped out, stomped on, set one fire, thrown of a cliff... and then sometimes stitched back together. Or at least I must because I keep reading those types of fan fictions (there's fluff in there, too). Anyway - if you'd like to spaz out about Steve/Bucky with me (or Steve/Peggy, really, but also... Peggy/Angie, though haven't read any fic for that). Tumblr.

All in all this post isn't very full, but I didn't want to fill it up too much and I feel like these are the most important things to what I've been up to. (Or just important like that blog post). And I'm still figuring out how these work, how I want to do them, and I'll find my feet eventually. Also probably change it around how the weeks go, because weeks are different and such.

Anyway - I hope you had a great week. And I'd love to hear from you. About any of things I've talked about or about about what you've been up to this week (read, watched, video games, didn't do).

On the blog:
March 9th | Weekly Wrap Up #11
Well - nothing, kind of. I'm still not back into reading... really at all, even having actually read things this week, but I'm getting there.


  1. I'm sorry that reading's been so impossible lately! I've definitely gone through that like...every summer. I really wouldn't get too down on yourself for it, though. You're the only one holding yourself to these standards, you know? Like everyone understands that sometimes you've gotta do other things. Sometimes you're just not in the mood to do the stuff you normally do. And, I mean, it DOES sound like you're reading things still! So not all is lost.
    If it makes you feel better, I've done a lot of reading and little to no homework in the past two weeks! It's just so hard to care when I graduate in a month and a half and I don't need any of these credits to graduate. Priorities.

    1. I know, but - thanks for saying it, really, it does help to hear (the fact that I'm holding myself to my own standards). I've been trying to just go with it, but reading is so stress relieving and I need that sometimes.
      And I can see where it'd be hard to motivate yourself there, but in a month and a half you'll be done! (Early congrats, by the way) :)

    2. Hey, I've been there.
      And thank you! I can't believe the time is going so fast. Seriously scary.