Friday, May 5, 2017

2017 Challenges | #DiversityBingo2017 + #DiverseReads2016

From the challenges this year you might of noticed a theme: diversity. I think all three of these challenges are good at pushing diversity, I mean two of them have diversity in the title, but the Read Harder challenge always has a diverse list of books to check out - genre, content, such.

Normally I'd talk about the challenges in no specific order, but there's definitely an order for how I feel towards these three challenges. #DiversityBingo2017 (felt too weird to type without the hashtag since I've been talking about it on twitter non-stop, not sorry) is the number one thing. I'm going to post a TBR, with everything I found for every category, and if you've got any recommendations for a book in a west asian setting (or if you can give me a straight answer on what is considered west asian because googling gave me various answers).

Diverse Reads mostly lines up with Diversity Bingo, so I figured I might as well take part because the google doc they created is pretty great so I wanted to talk about that too. Honestly, I'd of completed it by just doing the others so it's perfect, and fun.

Read Harder is run by Book Riot and is 24 challenges, so 2 a month, and is always great (though I've never completed it, normally because there's at least one that I don't really care about. See: for 2016, food memoir. I mean sure but also...? Just isn't really my thing).

#DiversityBingo2017 - all the info

Yes, it's an actual bingo card, I'm very happy about it. I original made it as big as I could so you could see the creators, but it's still hard. So I'm going to type out their twitter handles:

@novelparadise, @headinherbooks, @thesebooklions, @thebooksbuzz, @rhaegardied, @ohbrekker, @aimalfarooq, @bookwormwanders, @theauslibrary

If you're interested I'd go check out/hangout in the twitter hashtag, it's a great place to be. I'm really excited about this one and trying to complete all 36 spaces - so many! - and making sure I have books for each that I'm excited for (so far it hasn't been too hard, but finding own voices books has been, but only because of how much time you can put into it and still not have an answer).

But any reccs I'll accept, I've picked out most of my books, but some I'm going back and forth on (a few because too many I want to read!)

Diverse Reads is being hosted by Mishma of Chasing Faerytales and Shelly of Read.Sleep.Repeat. They have specific monthly challenges, that I won't be following simply because I can't structure my reading that much it'll drive me insane (I wish I could, I'd be more organized as a human).

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  1. Ahh, I just left a comment on your 2017 goals post about the Diverse Reads challenge, haha. I have Diversity Bingo in the back of my mind, mostly to get ideas for reading books with protagonists I wouldn't normally read about.