Monday, June 16, 2014

#RYBSAT | Another Read-A-Thon (June 16th - 23rd)

So this is a read-a-thon that is being hosted by a few booktubers,  Announcement video ,and I leave for VidCon the day after this ends, and I have a lot of books I want to try and finish by the end of the month, and I doubt I'll have time during the time we're away. And there are a lot of books I want to get done, I've already been kind of marathoning books this month anyway - so why not do this.

The whole premise behind this read-a-thon is to pick a spot on your shelves and then read along it, read the books. And - that sounds like a perfect thing for me, except I'm going to read down a stack. I have book stacks that just haven't, and aren't, going to make it onto any shelves and those are the ones I most want to read. Of course, there's also the books I'm currently-reading (which is still too many, but less then what we started with at the beginning of the month).

I'm not going to try to finish books I'm currently reading first, because I know I'm really stalled on some of them, they're just slower reads then for a read-a-thon. Anyway, I've got the physical books I'm currently-reading and then a stack of books to read. I think I'll not get very far at all through the stack, especially as we get towards the end of the week and I have to prepare and pack, but I'd like to read a handful of them.

I'd like to add that I'm not going to do a wrap-up for this read-a-thon, I'll include it in my monthly wrap-up, and that this is probably putting too much stress on myself and is a silly idea, but I do have a lot of books I still haven't gotten to this month, even if I have read a lot anyway. So I have no idea how well this is going to go for me since I also have a lot to do this week, things other then just reading sadly.

I'm a serious mood reader, so I don't know how this is going to go for me. I mean I desperately want to read all of these books, and I am kind of in the mood for all of them, but I'm also not. I know that makes no sense - but mood reader, hoping this works for me.

Anyway - are you participating in this or any read-a-thons in the near future?

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