Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 2014 TBR

I can't decide if I want to read all of the things, or just take a break. I've already hit my 250 book goal that I switched to in a moment of insanity (apparently not insanity because I made it! A month early!). I do kind of want to see how much I can read this year, I have a feeling I won't be having a year like this again, probably ever, but I can strive for it.

I'm currently feeling pretty burnt out from November - I wrote a ton, read a ton, had to deal with family on Thanksgiving, went out shopping on Black Friday. And now I just need some rest and time to recharge (which has been hard for me lately, for some reason, and as an introvert, is also very important).

I'm not sure, at all, what I'll be reading this month, but I'd also like to get a bunch of blog posts done, if not posted, that I've been working on (especially those mini book review posts, before the end of the year comes. How the hell is it December already?). I would like to finish some, if not all of the books I've started and haven't finished. I'd kind of like to start 2015 with no books on my currently-reading shelf, even if I keep my bookmarks in them, if I'm not actively reading them, I might take them off.

Anyway - there are a bunch of books I want to read, or could read. I'm planning on probably reading some romance novels at the beginning of the month, mostly because of that burned out feeling. Ones I have on my kindle, or that I can get through Amazon Unlimited, most likely. And I'd also like to finish one more series, as I've technically finished 11, if my count is right, so far this year (which is ridiculous, and I'm planning on doing a 'series' post in January 2015, just not sure when/how to do it).

What are you planning on reading? Are you close to your goal, if you have one, or is it going to be a stretch? Are you already planning 2015 stuff? (Or are you way ahead of me and already have some done? All my planning has been mental planning so far).

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