Friday, July 28, 2017

Bibliothon Day Six | 25 Facts About Me

I don't know if I can come up with 25 fun facts about myself, but I'm going to try. This is, of course, for day six of the Biannual Bibliothon, day six challenge, this challenge is being hosted by Mary (I think that's her name? Some people names are hard to figure out).

  1. I've always been a reader.
  2. My mom and I use to go to Borders every weekend (RIP).
  3. I have chronic pain in my back that's believe to be scoliosis.
  4. I've been to seven (?) Harry Potter conventions.
  5. I'm flying to London and then Dublin with friends for the next one later this summer. 
  6. I have a Harry Potter tattoo.
  7. I want so many more tattoos.
  8. I play too much of the Sims 4 - way too much.
  9. Watch too much YouTube.
  10. And RoosterTeeth/Achievement Hunter. 
  11. I started crocheting in September of 2015.
  12. I really like doing it, it's soothing, and I'm considering opening an Etsy shop.
  13. 85% (about) of my friends live too far away to see regularly.
  14. I've been to BEA three times and would love to go again.
  15. Reading has been hard the last year+ because my vision is getting worse.
  16. I don't need reading glasses, though, just the astigmatism becoming a problem.
  17. I once visited New York for the day and was in the city for six and a half hours before taking the train home. 
  18. I don't own a dog but would like to in a future.
  19. A pitbull because that's what my aunt had and I grew up with him (RIP Diego. Dogs are good).
  20. I had a rabbit for almost a year but couldn't keep her because thought was a dwarf, turned out to be a meat rabbit (IDK actual breed, but the rabbit people breed to eat which WHY). I get pictures from the friend of a friend who has her though. Bunnies are fantastic pets, but high maintenance (the way she followed me literally everywhere, though, was worth it).
  21. I live by myself.
  22. But my mom has an apartment in the same building.
  23. Which is good because: I don't drive.
  24. I'm 22 (I realized this might not be known by you guys widely? Turned 22 a month ago).
  25. I am always tired. Be it depression, chronic fatigue, medicine side effects. There's always something.
Those are some random facts for you. Don't know if they're fun facts but I'm not an overly complicated person and didn't want to do really anything about books/reading that I think you might know just from following me here or on twitter/instagram.

If you took part in this challenge, please link me your post so I can see it.

Andddd Happy Readathoning!

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