Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Three Star Reads | Discussion (Bibliothon day 4)

It's day four of the bibiliothon and today's prompt? Challenge? is to talk about book(s) you've rated three or less stars. This challenge is being hosted by burstingwithbooks. I use to be, and still kind of am, pretty lenient in my ratings towards most books. Unless it has something that really annoys me or rubs be the wrong way.

I'm going to mention one in particular - Zom-B by Darren Shan I rated one star. Now, it was so long ago that I don't quite remember the scene but I do remember the why. I mean, first of all, it was just a meh book to begin with, but then it got racist and that's fucked up. Yes, they're teenagers, blah, blah - whatever, I wasn't a racist shithead when I was a teenager. If you have racist characters it needs to be corrected/commented on by the end of the book - someone calling them out, come on.

Wow, it's been over three years and I'm still full of salt about that one, but I mean - racist bullshit, I will always be salty over. (disclaimer, I guess, but I'm white. So if you feel differently, let me know).

Examples of more one (1) star reads (I don't have a lot): The Girl in the Park, Twilight series, Opal Fire

Two stars are a low rating for me, but they're not I hated it. And, also, normally I only rate books I got at least 50% into it. Though, if I DNF a book I normally didn't really hold on that long. And I have a surprising amount of two star reads, but a book has to make me angry at how bad it is to get a 1 star.

Examples of two (2) star reads: Heir of Fire, Cold Kiss, Girl with Guitar, 172 Hours on the Moon, Monument 14, Dead Ever After, 

Overall, though, a three stars isn't really a low rating for me. It can be, if it's a book I was really hyped for and it fell flat. However, romances get a three from me a lot and I'm not sure why, but I definitely think of it as just "i liked it." It was good, but there wasn't anything that made me go: I loved that part, it was just a good, solid book.

For example, I gave two of the Vampire Academy books I've read three stars but - I enjoyed them, and I am planning on continuing with the series. I think that's why half stars and such can come in so handy when rating something, but since I mostly use goodreads I guess it doesn't matter (I do normally put half stars in my review, though, if I do them. And they're also in my spreadsheet. Yes, I keep track of what I've read in a spreadsheet).

Examples of three (3) star reads: Wife by Wednesday, If it Ain't Love, All Our Yesterdays, Lord of Shadows, The Screaming Staircase

I'm not going to list more because I have a lot of three stars - and my rating system has gotten more strict as I've read more things. I would of never rated Lord of Shadows three stars even just last year, probably, I would of felt guilty about it since I loved Lady Midnight and her other books (also didn't want the haters clawing at my throat). But now - meh. And, actually, going through those ratings I'd change some - bump them down, mostly, just because I really feel meh about the book in general.

I don't think this is exactly what the challenge/prompt was suppose to be but it's what I thought of for it. And I don't think I've ever really talked about how I rate books, mostly because at the beginning I was still kind of new to it all.

How do you rate books? Is three a bad rating from you? If you did this same challenge, let me know so I can see how you did it.

Happy readathoning!

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