Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Readathons! | BookTubeAThon + Biannual Bibliothon (#summerbibib)

Ah yes, more readathons. I am addicted and love a good readathon. These readathons are taking place the same week so I thought I might as well take part in both of them. I'll probably end up participating more in the Biannual Bibliothon just because they have daily (I believe) blog post challenges - which I think is so cool! Both have instagram and video challenges, I'll probably take part in the instagram ones but probably not the video ones? My ability to upload at the moment isn't great though I really want to vlog this readathon we shall see.

BookTubeAThon - self explanatory, I think. Takes place from July 24th - July 30th. More information here: YouTube, Twitter. There are reading challenges, which I may or may not find things to fit (I'm such a mood reader that these things are hard for me. I respect people that just make a TBR and read it, also kind of fear them.

Reading challenges (for you, and my own, convience cause I keep having to go back to the video):

  • Book with a person on the cover
  • Hyped book
  • a book in a day
  • with a MC different then you
  • read completely outdoors
  • a cover buy
  • 7 books in total
They're pretty loose, though I think a lot of people are like why for the "read outside" one since it's like the hottest days of summer (I agree, fuck that). And seven books can be a lot of graphic novels count and short things, you can do it!

Biannual Bibliothon - (say that five times fast). Taking place from July 23rd - 29th, a bit of overlap with 24in48). This is a readathon hosted by a bunch of people that happened, I believe, twice a year? Winter and Summer. I have kind of taken part before but not really thrown myself in it and it looks fun this year!

And I'm super excited to take part in the blog challenges, which they're announcing on instagram this week, and also watch the crazy/insane responses to the video challenges that people put out. YouTube, Twitter, Instagram
  • Group Read (Flame in the Mists by Renee Adieh)
  • A Host's Favorite Genre (a list in the description of video but, examples: high/epic fantasy, diverse books, paranormal romance...)
  • Banned Book
  • Throwback challenge (I think I'm going to go graphic novel, but there's a bunch)
  • Book to movie adaptation
  • a book you've seen somewhere other then booktube
  • one with LGBTQIA+ themes (this is my fav, I approve)
I know both of these are more BookTube focused then blog focused - which is why I love that the Biannual Bibliothon is trying to be more inclusive - but I hope you'll think of taking part! If you do plan to, let me know the comments so I can stop by and cheer you on during the week.

Happy Reading (marathoning)!

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