Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Week of Blog-y Goodness

This is the last day of my week of posting at least 1 post a day. And it's been really fun, actually. I mean, I suspected it may be, because I do love reading and blogging (or else I wouldn't have started this), but it had been a long time since I had put myself fully into that. I had this idea quite suddenly, but I'm glad I did. Between the 4th and yesterday I've read 9 books, this is making me quite happy on the whole. And among those, some that were different then normal and some I'd been meaning to read or finish reading for a while.

 I feel like that I've not been letting myself read enough between Cons and then having to sleep (after a convention, I must sleep at least 16 hours. Then, hope I don't get whatever cold is part of it that time). And before that school was getting in the way, even though I had to do reading for school. And it was nice just to read for an extended period of time, being able to finish books in one sitting without even really moving from my spot and being able to fully soak up the book.

 This is feeling a little sappy now so I'm going to go and read more. But I hope to continue posting her frequently, probably not as frequently as this past week, but I've been thinking of other little features I could try. And I might do a post featuring my favorite book bloggers, especially ones who I feel don't get enough attention. Though, they're all bigger then me, but I don't do this for people to follow me. If I did, I would of given up pretty quickly. Now, let's stop talking about all of that nonsence and have some fun, in a way that involves books, that is.

 I hope the rest of your summer is amazing and I hope that you like this blog, because that's all I can really hope. Isn't it? Also, if you missed anything, here's a list of the posts I did this week (including what else I'll be posting today):

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