Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bout of Books 8.0: Day Six

Books That I finished Today: 2

Total Number of Books Finished: 9

Better Days (Serenity #2) by Joss Whedon (started and finished - 80 pages)
Burnt Offerings (Anita Blake #7) by Laurell K. Hamilton (started and finished - 392 pages)
Blue Moon (Anite Blake #8) by Laurell K. Hamilton (started - 88 pages)

Number of Pages Read Today: 560

Total Number of Pages Read: 2,160

I started off the day with Better Days, short and easy to read with characters I love. And then I joined the Bout of Books chat on Twitter and then I was at a loss at what to read next, so I decided to just go with Burnt Offerings, I've been meaning to continue the series for a while so why not read another one now?

And then I took a break from reading, I had a headache, blah and blah. And then I read some more before going to bed. Ended up picking up the next book in the Anita Blake series, didn't get much read in it but it's a start. And tomorrow is the last day! So sad, I do love read-a-thons (this is my third this year). Anyway, I hope all of your reading, read-a-thon paticipating or no, is going good!


  1. Those high single digit Anita Blake novels are my favorites! They're also what got me into paranormal romance in the first place so they'll always have a special place in my heart. Sounds like you're having a wonderful readathon, way to go!

    1. They're better then I expected, from what I've read. They're certainly different from most of the urban paranormal fantasy, but in a really good way.

      And it was a good week, thanks! :)