Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bout of Books 8.0: Day Three

Number of books I've finished today: 1 (kind of)

Totally number of books finished: 3

Warm Up (story story) by Victoria Schwab (15 pages)
Vicious by V.E. Schwab (started - 203 pages)

Number of pages read today: 218

Total Number of Pages: 653

So I did oddly get some reading done today before hanging out with my friend Haley, and then we went to the bookstore. So that totally counts as something and I'm really hoping to get into vlogging and maybe putting up a book haul? It's all very uncertain right now but hopefully!

Anyway, I actually got some reading done and Vicious is seriously fantastic so far, I'm so glad I clicked on the link t the short story today and then I immediately picked up the arc, which was very close to hand. I'm just over halfway done and I'm really excited to see where it goes. Sadly, I didn't get any more of Eleanor & Park read but maybe tomorrow. 

How's your bout-of-books going?

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