Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19th | Weekly Wrap Up #5

Another week flew by almost without me noticing, whew that was so strange. How did we get here already? I did some reading this month, definitely took a bit of a breather after the read-a-thon / read a bunch of manga.

I had stuff scheduled for this week that went up, while I kind of took a break? (I was actually really excited about all the posts, I just forgot that they were scheduled to go up). I was just feeling tired and a little blah. And so I didn't want to push myself into doing things - I needed a break after reading/blogging every day continuously for a week (not to mention how much blog post prep I did in the first few days of the new year, all of which is up by now. Which seems incredible to me, but I'm glad it's all up. And I hope if you missed anything - you'll check it out and maybe give me your thoughts/feelings).

Blogging in tiring, though. And sometimes stressful, though I definitely don't like to, and try not to, stress myself out about it. It's not a job, not really, I don't get payed anything (and I, actually, would rather just keep it this way), but it is something I'm always surprised at how much I love doing it - even if it's hard sometimes.

However - I feel like I should add there are going to be few weeks, hell months, like this past one. I'm not going to be someone who can continously get something up everevery week day. It's just not realistic for me (and I'm amazed by the people who do, I bow down to your brain power).

And now that I've rambled a bit about possible blog burn out, let's move forwards, shall we?

Reading: (finished this week and actively currently-reading)
I didn't end up reading a lot this week, very little even. But I did get a few things finished.

Dark Wolf Rising by Rhyannon Byrd (3/5)
It was... fun. I started it during Bout of Books, but didn't end up finishing it because it was on my kindle.

Ouran High School Host Club 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 by Bisco Hatori (5/5)
I might of read too many of these this week, taking a bit of a break from heavier books (I think The Way of Shadows kind of knocked me into a mini-slump/hangover kind of deal), but these are so good and so ridiculous.

The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black (5/5)
A fantastic book, read. It was a reread for me, I read it in August of 2014, but it just came out and I wanted to read it again. Highly, highly recommended. The writing is gorgeous, the faeries that Holly Black writes always impress me. Go, read.

I'm also currently reading a few things! I started volume 8 of Ouran (shhh) and am trying for the second time to read Quiet (it's just so long, and at points very... I'm slogging, I like it, but it's a battle). Also reading Showa: A History of Japan, 1926 - 1939 which is really, really good so far, it's in a cartoon comic style and, as the title suggest, tells the history of Japan starting at the beginning of the Showa era.

Everything Else:
I've just started my rewatch of Robin Hood on Netflix because it's being taken on February 1st and I use to love that show when it was airing, and was upset it was canceled (might still be a bit annoyed), but I haven't seen season 1 probably since it aired and... Netflix.

I also started episode one of Madoka Magica, but I'm not sure I finished it? As you can see - it was not a very productive week for anything.

I've been watching some YouTube stuff (keeping up with a few peoples channels, but not many. RoosterTeeth/Achievement Hunter and some BookTubers, reading some blogs, but I haven't been keeping up with anything specifically. However, a few things.

However - SciFi fans! The Expanse TV show has a trailer now - a trailer. And good god I freaked out while watching it, I didn't know I was this excited about this. It made me want to immedaitely reread the first two books and then get to three and four. Still no official release date besides 2015, but I'm kind of hoping sooner rather then later, because I am so excited.

On the blog:

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