Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20th | Weekly Wrap Up #16

It was a strange week, but definitely a good one. I finished the same amount of books as I did comics, which felt fucking fantastic. Man, the not reading thing was going to make me throw myself out a window soon or something. I'm not even sure I'm being overly dramatic there, it was getting to a point where I was loosing it a little.

Don't want to jinx it or push myself too hard, but I did finally finish some books, novels to be precise. And whatever you'd consider What If? and I think I have a kind of just social media (I think) read-a-thon that popped up last minute by some Booktubers. Sometimes seeing people read can just help, you know?

So I'm optimistic, but cautious. Anyway - books.

Reading: (finished this week and actively currently-reading)
Namesless #3 by Grant Morrison (2/5)
I'm still not sure fully how I feel about this series. I'd like some real explanation of something soon. I reread #1 and #2 before this one, and - yeah, give me something, anything.

Descender #2 by Jeff Lemire (4/5)
I'm super excited to see what is going to come of this series, honestly super excited. It's interesting and seems to be going to be very complex.

All New Hawkeye #2 by Jeff Lemire (4/5)
I loved this issue to much before of the circus flashbacks, and how the flashback parts are all watercolor and completely gorgeous. The artist/colorist is currently the main reason I'm sticking with this - also it is still Hawkeye. I think I want more of Fraction's world, the kind of "aw, ___, no" Hawkeye. I'm going to stick with it, hope for the best, I have some faith in this writer.

What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions by Randall Munroe (5/5)
This book was just kind of freaking awesome. It had so many weird interesting scenarios and random facts. And definitely recommend it to people who like some theoretical scenarios/physics kind of thing. Go forth and science.

Duma Key by Stephen King (5/5)
Jesus christ. It'd been 2 years since I've read this and, while I remembered the plots and such, I'd just kind of forgotten how much I freaking love this book. And this is definitely going to kick me off on a King reread, I think. (IT is next. Have you read IT? Listen, I know it's long, but it's so good).

Cthulhurotica edited by Carrie Cuinn (3/5)
Yes, this is a thing I read. I picked it up... a while ago, unsure when I'll check hopefully before this goes up (August 2012, thanks, Amazon). Anyway - it was fora Felicia Day's book club and I just didn't end up getting around to it. And so, tail end of January, at three in the morning, I went - I should read that. And now here we are. Some of the stories were surprisingly good, maybe not fantastic but good, others were just why or a bit of a slog. A good portion were good, and I really enjoyed the last essay about the genre new weird and such, interesting stuff. Solid three stars, fun and even good at points but not amazing.

Jen's Favorite Book Dedications - this is fun, I like things like this.

YA Book Riot Unboxing - I have been convinced to subscribe for next month, see how I feel about it. Books, fun times.

Someone I follow (Sarah Says Read) posted a comics wrap up type of thing - and it reminded me I'd been thinking of some comic related posts. Also, now I want to read Lady Killer.

I - don't have anything else really to offer? I haven't really been internet-ing much. And I'm trying not to put one Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter video here every week, which is mostly what I watched this week as I'd fallen behind. Oh, and Daredevil. I'm taking it slow, because I know it's going to probably be a hell of a wait. I'm really loving it so far. Slower paced, but I don't mind that. And fighting, explosions, fantastic actors and actresses - what more can you want, really?

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