Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Why Can't I Read? | Discussion Post

This might seem like a really strange title to a discussion post, and I guess it kind of is a strange title, but it's how I've been referring to this for weeks. At the beginning, I was just like - whatever, I've been reading non-stop for like a year, I can take a break. And now, over a month later, and fighting my way back to into reading - I'm just kind of... gah. Like an angry, annoyed - gah is how I'm feelings.

You've probably all noticed how I haven't been here. A lack of reading always, for me, leads to a lack of blogging as I feel like I don't have anything to talk about. Which isn't true, I could talk about other things I'm doing, but I just haven't figured out how to integrate more then just books into this blog (though, I think the other stuff section on my weekly wrap ups is probably helping).

And the weirdest thing about this thing is that - I am reading. I have read so much fan fiction that it might actually be a problem now. I'm in a weird space of wanting to do these things and not wanting to get off the computer, or not having the motivation to read, the attention span. Which obviously I have because have I mentioned - so much fan fiction. (Hey, if you need any recs for Steve/Bucky MCU fan fiction - I've got your back, friend).

Anyway - so I haven't been reading books. I've been trying, I've been pushing myself to try. And I have read some. I think I've read three books since this reading slump started - a ton of graphic novels and single issues, but those are so quick - and it might be starting to drive me crazy. Last year I fully realized how much better reading made me feel, it felt like it balanced me out, made me relax more. I'd always used reading as a kind of escape, but it became way more then that last year, so much more important to me.

And I'm glad it did, I'm so glad I fall I've fallen into the whole thing, but it's hard when I'm not reading. And I want to read, I've got books everywhere (no, really, this isn't a lie. If I ever disappear from the internet, I'm buried under a book avalanche). And it's stressful, yeah, but I could be reading if I just - just did it. Just sat down and read.

Now this next part might sound weird, but I'm curious if anyone ever gets like this. So the main reason I stall out on series is because I'm scared to see where that character goes next, like honestly scared. This is actually why I stall out on most things, if I do. I just am scared about what's going to happen next, where they're going next, and just... can't. It's such a weird problem to have, because I want to read, but I don't? But I do? But - feelings. Yeah, that's what it is.

So, friends, now I'm curious, of course. How is your reading going in general? And how is it going in general? Also - am i completely crazy? Do you ever stall out on things because of that? When was the last time you just couldn't read?


  1. I'm so happy I'm now the only one! In February I read like 14 books which I was pretty happy. Halfway through April and I've read like 5 books. I've been distracted by other fandoms and hobbies, and the fact that its finally nice outside!

    I'm sure we'll be back reading, breaks from blogging can be pretty rejuvenating!

    1. I thinks it's starting to happen for me? it's been over a month, way over. Normally, a few weeks is fine - more then that and I start to kind of go insane.
      I'm tentatively happy? I hope you'll follow me into it soon!
      And I guess I'm kind of taking a break from blogging? I haven't been doing much - reading slumps mean blogging slumps - but hopefully that'll turn around soon, too.