Friday, October 24, 2014

Ithaca, NY - The Adventures

The drive was much longer then I expected, mostly become of some traffic at the beginning. And it was a long drive to begin with. And we drove in at night, followed by random patches of fog. I ended up staying the first night in Haley's room, borrowing her roommates bed (who went to Disney for their break). Ithaca college is basically hills and prettiness. With some seriously fantastic sunsets.

So our first full day involved waffles, used books, gorges, and more food. Which was a ton of fun, overall - I bought some used books, which I'm going to make a separate post about because I ended up buying quite a lot of books over the course of the weekend. The waffle place was awesome, a kind of "make your own" waffle, just adding your own toppings to it, it was pretty fantastic. It also involved takeout from Italian Take-Out (they're imaginative), which was really, really good. And then I ended up going asleep pretty early, though, especially after that drive and such, I will still exhausted.

The next day started at the farmers market for breakfast/lunch (it was our first meal of the day, at about 12:30). The farmers market in Ithaca is amazing - fresh fruit, vegetables, and everything. There were little jewelry stands, jam places, and some cool leather bags. We had crepes, which were really good (mine got a little too much chocolate-y, but still really good), and I bought a bag of apples.

giant book sale, just a small part
And then we went to a book sale, where everything was pretty cheap and we ended up buying things (once again, it'll be up soon). It was giant and just full of books and books. And then we ended up getting ice cream and then heading back to the hotel to just kind of hang out and then get dinner ("hanging out" kind of meant having a coloring party and watching random RoosterTeeth videos, because obviously we are the coolest).

And dinner was an Irish pub (obviously I got corned beef and cabbage, have to be as Irish as possible here, and I haven't had it in way too long). Anyway - good food, friends, it was raining a bit when we got out but it not freezing here yet.

Comics for Collectors
The next day started with me eating my own words - because it was cold. The place we were going to eat was a bit crowded, so we wasted some time at a comic book store (called Comics for Collectors, which has a surprisingly wide-range of thing, and I ended up buying too many things, which will also be included in the book haul). And then we went to Collegetown Bagels and I had a pizza bagel, which was fantastic, everything looked really good, honestly.

And then we headed to Wegmans, because apparently we had to go (it's a grocery store that's open 24 hours and gigantic), anyway - we had probably too much fun. Bought Butterbeer, some UK treats, I bought a bag of candy corn - obviously all fun, good things.

And then we ended up heading over to Barnes and Nobel (obviously the theme of this trip was books and food. That also might be a good explanation of Haley and I's friendship, with more Harry Potter, though to be fair we both purchased HP editions used).

Overall - the food was really good and the stores were all nice (and, obviously, my mom and I probably bought too many things. Mostly, book related and comics). I liked Ithaca, even though it was freezing our last day. It's beautiful, with a strange mix of people, and both colleges are really nice.

I know I've missed stuff, my memory is awful, but I know I caught most of it. I was exhausted going into it and on the drive up wondered what the hell we were doing - but I'm really, really glad we went because it was fun and worth it. And now I want to sleep for a week, but I can't because too many things to do.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun was had!! Book buying and food!! Two of my favorite things. Looking forward to seeing your book haul post... Inquiring minds want to know what you purchased during your trip to Ithaca!!

    1. Tons of fun! :) Past midnight so it's officially going up tomorrow! So many books.