Thursday, October 16, 2014

Horror/Scary/Thriller Books I Haven't Read Yet

I got into the horror genre very young, probably too young, but I was interested and it was amazing. I read a lot of genres, though, and I kind of read/love most genres, which sounds ridiculous but I can't think of any genres I don't like or haven't, at the very least, tried. And, while making the two book recommendation posts I just did (Scary Books for Beginners & Horror/Scary Books for Halloween) I realized that I hadn't read as much as I thought I had.

I'm trying to read more horror/thriller (or just plain creepy/weird) books, because at some point I'd forgotten how much I ten to actually enjoy these books. I don't know why, I know a lot of people don't, but I just adore them.

Some of these, I'm not expecting to be incredible, but I still will be fun (also, I'm writing this towards the beginning of the month, ideally I will rad some of these during the month).


H.P. Lovecraft
A person, not a specific book, but most of his fiction is short. I'd most like to read all of the stuff in his Cthulu Mythos, but I'd like to read at least some of his work, if not all of it.

Stephen King
There are a lot of his books I haven't read, unsurprising considering how many there are, but some very big ones I haven't: The Shining, The Green Mile, The Stand. I'd really like to read those, but also: Insomnia, Misery, 11/22/63, rest of The Dark Tower series, Under The Dome, The Dead Zone, Cell, Thinner, and more. And also I'd like to reread some, maybe because I don't remember them very clearly or just because I love them: Carrie, Pet Semetery (don't remember either very clearly), IT (I kind of reread this almost once a year, love it), Duma Key (kind of same as IT), Bag of Bones, Dreamcatcher (it's been a few years for both of these, but I want to reread soon).

Dean Koontz
I haven't read a single book, which feel weird, because he's a very large name in horror. But I've also never known where to start - but I think I might start with Intensity or Phamtoms, I don't have it yet, but it'll think that'll be there. Opinions?


  • Horns by Joe Hill - I haven't read anything by Joe Hill yets, and considering the movie coming out (or is out, with Daniel Radcliff). So I guess this is a good place to start.
  • The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancy - I really want to read this first book, and probably the rest of the series. It looks fantastic, and I've heard good things.
  • The Marbury Lens by Andrew Smith - I haven't read anything by this author yet (by any of these guys yet, actually), and I've heard mixed reviews about this one but I think I'm really going to like it. 
  • We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson - I remember, vaguely, reading The Lottery in middle school, but not enough to remember what happened. And this looks amazing, a lot of her stuff looks strange, weird. Also - The Haunting of Hill House.
  • The Phantom of the Opera
  • Dracula
  • American Psycho (classic, both this and the above two - I'm excited for all, I just haven't done it. I did try to read Dracula in 7th grade but the journal/letter whatever through me off).
  • Carmilla (lesbian vampires, that's what brought this onto my radar. Don't you want to read it now? it's a classic novella - with lesbian vampires. RonLit did a video about it, she convinced me).
  • The Yellow Wallpaper 
  • Abbadon's Gate (and other in the Leviathan series, I hadn't thought about how these were horror until I started researching for my recommendation posts
  • Horrorstor (this just came out, and it's been some hype, but it looks awesome)
  • Sleepless (I haven't heard much about this, but it's really short and has a great cover)
  • The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes (I actually started this and I'm loving it way more then I thought I would)
  • Unwind Series (I'm stunned I haven't read this series yet, because it sounds right down my alley. And also the covers are all awesome).
  • The Forest of Hands and Teeth series (this series has been complete and out for a while now, and I still haven't even started it).
  • Razorland series (I have the first book and I've had it for years, but I've always wavered about reading it, but I have liked everything else I've read by Ann Aguirre).
  • Jasper Dent series (This book series sounds awesome, from what I've heard, people seem to love it. And the books are awesome, mostly under the jacket...)
  • The Madman's Daughter series (This sounds... interesting, and I've heard middle things)
  • Feed series (Adult zombie stuff, it sounds fun)
What scary books are on your TBR? I'm sure I missed some on my own list, but which one are you most excited for? And are you planning on reading any this month?

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  1. The Yellow Wallpaper is a classic!! I haven't read The Haunting of Hill House, so should probably be adding that to my reading list!!