Monday, October 27, 2014

The Ithaca Book Haul

I bought a lot of books over the long weekend that I spent in Ithaca, which is in upstate New York, and I had a ton of fun. My full run down of the time can be found here. Anyway - this is all about the books (and comics books) that I ended up buying. Spoiler alert: way too many.

I talked about where we went in my The Adventures post, but basically - a used bookstore, a library sale, a comic book store, and a Barnes and Noble (full of used, pretty cheap books).

  • The Tombs of Atuan by Ursula K Le Quin (it was cheap, and I might continue with this series, I'd like to, hopefully this one doesn't take me as long as the first one)
  • Intensity by Dean Koontz (I, surprisingly, haven't read any books by Koontz)
  • It by Stephen King
  • The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling (this was a first edition UK edition - soooooo I bought it)
  • Dune by Frank Herbert (A classic I haven't read yet - and I didn't want a mass market paperback that was going to be one of those awful tall weird things)

  • Chew Vols 1 + 2  (I really loved volume 1, and I can't wait to dive deeper into this strange, disgusting, gorey world).
  • Captain Marvel (Women superheroes - I haven't read many classic superhero based comic books, but I definitely want to read the kick-ass female ones).
  • Captain America: Civil War (I've heard fantastic things, and also horribly sad things, and I'm excited. Also terrified. And this is, apparently, what the next Captain America movie will be based on and that sounds like it's going to be insane, I'm excited).
  • Fables, Vol 1 (I've heard quite a few things, but nothing too in-depth about plot, which is on purpose. I know the basics, the art is fantastic, so I'm excited).
  • Harley Quinn: Vengeance Unlimited (probably a weird place to start, but I don't care - I flipped through it and it looked kind of awesome).
  • I also got some single issues, which I'm excited for. I've always been interested and liked comics, but this past year - I've been reading quite a few of them.

These are from the book sale/library sale thing - so some of them are strange, or just impulse buys that looked interesting. Obviously, I ended up with two Scooby Doo books and an Angel novel (based on the TV show, I don't know it was just like yes, I need this?) I picked up another Dean Koontz books, some James Joyce, a manga that looks a bit creepy, The Bluest Eyes, a Meg Cabot book, and a book called The Egyptologist that I know nothing about so that should be fun.

Barnes and Noble haul

  • Is Everyone Hanging out without me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling (I've heard just good things, I'm sure you have too - this book sounds fantastic and hilarious).
  • The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (I've actually been waiting and waiting for this to come out in paperback and I was excited to finally see it in paperback - someone, when it first came out, said it like YA/teenage Criminal Minds and that sounds awesome.
  • The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion (I've been hearing a lot of things about this, especially recently because the sequel is coming out, and it's been all good things)
  • Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes (I'm currently reading her first novel, The Shining Girls, and really enjoying it. So I figured I'd pick this one up for the future, at some point).
  • Ah, Grace Helbig - I wasn't sure about Grave when I was first introduced to her channel, I'm not even sure when that was, but she slowly grew on me. She's funny and smart and sometimes her videos can get on my nerves, or be a little awkward, but I still really like her and - this book sounds like it'll be fun and interesting, and maybe helpful?
This is the end, that's everything I bought over a three day span - completely ridiculous amount of books, I don't even want to know. Though, to be fair, two were used books and everything, but seriously this is way too many books for such a short period of time, I really need to not buy anything for a little while. 

Have any of you read any of these? Want to? Let's talk books!

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