Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 2014 TBR + Some Questions For You

October - the month of Halloween. Where the weather starts to get chillier (in most northern hemisphere climates) and the leaves start to change color. Bad horror movies on TV, pumpkin favored everything, the month before NaNoWriMo (meaning all the NaNo prep possible), and a 24 hours read-a-thon and a 24 hour stream(s) for charity (Extra Life!). Wow, October is very, very busy when you put it like that.

Also The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan is coming out at the end of the first week of October and there's some other good books that I"m excited for, but mostly that one. I'm planning on rereading the Heroes of Olympus series in time for that one to come out. I'm also planning on posting some horror book recommendations to see how book recommendations go, and if anyone likes them.

I'm not really sure of my TBR, a shocking surprise I know, and I don't tend to stick with them. Though - I do know I'm going to try and read as much as I can, whatever it is, because NaNoWriMo in November tends to eat my reading time (though, this year I think I'm going to make time, since I've been writing quite a bit the whole year).

I do want to read some scary books of my own this month and maybe get some full reviews up. I have a few ideas as to what I might read, but I kind of don't want to share them. I might stop listing random books I could read and, instead, just start talking about what'll be happening in the coming month. So maybe "October TBR" is the wrong title for this post.... Though - Heroes of Olympus series reread, and I want to finish Percy Jackson's Greek Gods, too.

Stuff talked about:
Dewey's 24 hour read-a-thon

Would you guys like book recommendations? Either by genre or around a kind of theme (but that'd probably also be genre-d, mmh)?

Would you mind NaNoWriMo related posts?

How do you feel about weekly wrap-ups for 2015? I'd still do a monthly one to wrap everything up, but I would talk about the books I read more frequently.

I also have some other new stuff in mind and such. I've learned I just can't fully review every book I read, only a few do I really have enough to say about them to fully review. 

Do you like my mini review posts? Or would you like me to do slightly longer, but still kind of mini, reviews with the names of the things I'm reviewing in the title?

And that is a lot of questions to answer and I know there's not a lot of you and this is my blog - but I'm curious. It'd be really helpful to me if you'd answer even just a few of them, whatever you feel like you have thoughts/opinions about or the quick yes/no ones.


  1. I think it's your blog, and you should do what you want with it. But that's just me. :) Specifically for me (and my thoughts shouldn't matter, just yours do!) ~ I am always looking for book recommendations. One can never have too many books on a TBR! :) I wouldn't mind NaNoWriMo posts, a lot of readers seem to be writers so there's probably a lot of that going around. I tried one year, but the story I wanna tell is too hard and I only lasted about 3 days and lost everything I did when my computer crashed (at the time). I love any kind of wrap-ups, they are fun to read. I don't read AS many of the weekly ones, because there are so many, but I get through some of them. Fun new stuff is always good! :) I don't think I've read many of your reviews, but that's on me. I don't tend to read reviews of books that I have no interest in reading, and you and I seem to read a lot of different stuff. Hope that helps, at least from one reader. :)

    1. That definitely helps!

      And it is my blog and I know I can do whatever, but I figured it'd be interesting/fun to get some feedback on my ideas from people who also blogs. Thanks so much for taking the time to give your thoughts! :)