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Movie Recommendations: Halloween Movies to Watch During October (Horror and not so scary included)

A lot of my personal favorite Halloween movies are the ones that aren't, actually, scary. Though, I do love a movie that can make me jump out of my skin. These are all, obviously, only movies I've actually seen

Not Really Scary / Childhood favorites
HalloweenTown Series
Don't pretend you don't like these movies, if you grew up watching them, like I do, I have no doubt you do. they're fantastic and amazing and I kind of love them (just ignore the actress switch in the last one).  Disney original movies and feel good, cheesey, family fun.

Twitches (Twitches Too)
I rewatched these recently and was surprised how much they held up. Mostly, the first one. And the CGI doesn't hold up, of course, but still - it's good fun, also Disney.

Harry Potter
I think mostly Azkaban, which is a little strange because the dementors are slightly terrifying, but it makes me think of fall. All of them, kind of do, fall/winter. Also Harry Potter is good at any time of year - books, movies, conventions...

Hocus Pocus
Need I say more? You know.

A Nightmare Before Christmas Corpse Bride
I really love both of these - Burton, creepy but in a fun, musical way. And I think A Nightmare Before Christmas is appropriate for both holidays, or all year round really.

I wouldn't consider this movie scary, but I also might not show it to young children (judge by maturity). But I love this movie, it's just - so good.

Horror/Scary/Creepy/Weird (probably mostly rated R)
Let's get the obvious ones out of the way: Scream - I hadn't watched any of the scream movies until recently and I was surprised how much I liked them. The fourth might be my favorite, love that ending, and I'm sure a lot of people will just roll their eyes at the premise - but I, weirdly, think it's just a lot of fun. It's not taking itself too serious, anyway.

A Haunting in Connecticut
I don't know why, but I loved this movie. I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't like it, but I still highly recommend it.

I discovered a new favorite, I think just this past year. There's a story here - you see, basically there are what my mom and I call the "Grindhouse movies." It's what they were released under, just - Grindhouse. It's a double-feature of Planet Terror and Death Proof. They're co-everything by Robert Rodriquez and Quentin Tarantino. They're both pretty gore-y, but also fantastic. It seemed like each one had a film and my personal favorite is Tarantino's - it's Death Proof it's fantastic, a little slow of a start, but it builds so well, and the ending is so worth it, it's fantastic. And Planet Terror is just - fucking insane, I don't know how else to put it.

The Cabin in the Woods
I loved this movie - its very... meta, I guess (kind of how the Scream movies get, with the Stab movies being part of the world), but I loved this movie and the realization of whats going on. And then seeing all the monsters, so fantastic.

One Missed Call
These people keep getting calls and then they die - but the creepiest thing is the things they see before hand, and the ringtone, the suspense of that. I don't know if I've ever heard anyone talk about this one - but this movie honestly freaked me out (and I was able to freak out some of my friends later by setting my ringtone as that). I really love this movie. I haven't watched it in a long time, but I'm planning to soon.

Repo! The Generic Opera
I really don't think of this as horror, but it isn't exactly warm and fluffy, either. I love this movie and it's definitely strange and twisted. And has some great people in it/who created it. Also - Anthony Stewart Head (Buffy, Merlin) sings and it's fantastic, the whole cast is fantastic (yes, that's really Paris Hilton). Also, The Devil's Carnival by the same people is also fantastic and also musical.

The Stand
Alright, maybe with the recent outbreak happening (mostly outbreak threat for most people) this is obviously the best mini-series to watch. It's fantastically done. I haven't read the book yet, but I've watched this a few times through because I love the characters, the feeling, the whole thing is incredible.

This is one of those books I read as a child and then immediately searched out the film - I adore this story, in both forms, actually. (Obviously I prefer the book). This movie is fantastic in it's own right, though, and the book has some kind of easter eggs if you've read IT.

Children of the Corn
This movie is fucking ridiculous and that' wy I love it. Recently there was a remake - watch the original, the original is where it is at. The main kind of villian has such a - you've just got to watch it, it's... hilarious. And mildly terrifying, I've not trusted fields of corn ever since.

Even more: The Unborn, Sweeney Todd (highly recommended, '07), When a Stranger Calls, Paranormal Activity, Psycho, The Birds ('60's), , LegionDrag Me to Hell (alright)

Based on Stephen King's Work (I mentioned some in my book recommendation posts (links below, so I thought I'd just list them): 1408, The Mist, Christine, Dolores Claiborne, IT, The Shinning, Carrie, Thinner, Cujo, Misery

I'm sure I've forgotten some, I know I've forgotten at least one, but besides that I hope you enjoy this variety of recommendations. What is your favorite halloween or horror movie? Or what's one you're looking forward to watching?

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