Sunday, November 16, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014 | Week Two

Week two is notoriously the worst of the weeks. And it wasn't a good one for me this year. Saying that - I kept on track and I'm technically one day ahead as of writing this (early morning day fifteen as I remembered these, panicked because I felt like I missed one because it felt like months, and then realized I hadn't!)

Staying on track, though, and having a good week aren't the same in NaNoWriMo - mostly because i should of been able to stay far ahead, since I got that 50k jumps start, but a 50k jump start doesn't mean much when you oops, I'm going for 400k. No, that's fine, that's not completely terrifying.

If any of you have large NaNo goals, or are thinking of it for next year, literally the most important thing I can offer you (besides just write) is to take it in small chunks. Don't lie to yourself about where you are, but take it in small chunks. And being a day ahead probably wouldn't hurt, I try to stay a day ahead, we'll see how this goes.

I think the worst part of doing NaNoWriMo again is knowing that you can't stop week two from affecting you, at least I haven't found a way. I also haven't found a way to make those 50k chunks easier - 30k's are always so hard why.

Overall, I'll happy with my progress this second week. But I'm also very angry at myself. Why did I decide to do this? We were going to have a leisure NaNoWriMo. 100k, probably 200k, and plenty of time to do other things. Ha, nope. I apparently hate myself.

Day Eight (119,165)
Day Nine (135,439)
Day Ten (147,021)
Day Eleven (161,712)
Day Twelve (175,405)
Day Thirteen (182,102)
Day Fourteen (203, 092)

Looking back on 2013, it's kind of strange to think I was on track to hit 400k at this point then, I also hit 200k on the 14th. It seems I can't go much faster then this. We'll see if I can keep this up or I'll end up fizzling a bit, like in 2013 (there were a few days were it looks like I wrote barely anything, probably less the 5k).

Now that I'm trying to reach this goal, though, I do want to reach it. On the other hand, I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't because my own mental health is important to me.

I miss reading. And outside. (.... really, mostly reading)

If you're participating - what's your word count? Are you on track for your goal (be it 50k or whatever, I'm curious, week two is rough)? And how are you feeling - about the writing in word terms, and in story terms?

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